Builders’ Battle Royale FINALS: Recap

I was out and reluctant for several weeks already and haven’t made up my mind if writing something about the concluded Builders’ Battle Royale Finals is worth writing for you my readers. Anyway, even I couldn’t really come up with a rock-hard decision I am a little settled in giving you guys some of the events’ outstanding and show-stopping episodes.

The last Twitch event if you still clearly remember had a registration to let participants secure a slot in the battle but for this time it was changed to a 3 on 3 match and who earns the highest number of medals gets a slot in top 9 official FINALS participants.

So here I walk you through the best match episodes I think would matter and for your future plans in joining the Twitch tournament.

(Quarter Finals: qualifying battle)


Syed began the match by placing roads and a dojo. Chili dog Stand stood next these buildings which I think was quite a decent plan to invest in production of attacking unit. Then an ever amazing Fortune teller known for destroying building and consoling out 30K gold coins appeared and helped Syed get additional edge over Vega. Meanwhile, Vega’s based was destroyed in a matter of minute but quickly recovered due to some attacks. Syed never passed any chance and attempted to buy Vega’s HQ. You know how important HQ is, right? And the buying was successful. Syed won by getting a total of 22 769 points against Vega’s 7,229 advancing him to the Quarter FINALS.

Quarter Finals

Round 1 (Sara V Sidhe)


Yes we would never forget that Sidhe was Downtown Brawl’s Champion well-known for strategies patterned to bringing the Stock market the first, meringue hill the second, following it, is HQ Skill activation and Stock broker skill activation. But the wind has changed and Sidhe wasn’t seen able to finish this anticipated lethal strategy. Counter-attacking with Kung Fu Kids, Sarah was able to hammer down Sidhe’s HQ instantly. Sidhe put up another Meringue Hill in the light of expanding population while Sara knew it was the right time to buy out Sidhe’s HQ. Sara successfully bought Sidhe’s HQ and win the match with over 19K points, an 8,500 points ahead if Sidhe.

Round 2 (Dr.Insane V FoX)


Dojo was the first building placed in, followed by utilities. This strategy is old-fashion as we knew by then that the opponent is scheming to release an attacking unit anytime soon. Dr.Insane built a Fortune Teller. But is seems that, the first attack was a move from Fox using destructive infernosaurs. Later, counter-attacked by a Fortune Teller skill from Dr.Insane. Doubling the offense, Dr.Insane released massive infernosaurs and giggling extortionists. Fox activated Kung fu kid and master to combat the attacking unit. At two minutes left both company has earned 19K population down from almost 80K population of both company. Another infernosaurs freed from Fox’ City to bring desolation. Seconds after, Fox activated Stock broker. At the end Fox edged out Dr.Insane with 40K population, 341K gold coins, and 60 land covered. This is a real fight of real struggling players.😀

Round 3 (Adam V Slyde)


Slyde, who replaced Ezgi move first with a Dojo and Stock Market, a prominent pattern of buildings being put up this Twitch season.  But before things turn good for him, Adam is already attempting to buy out Slyde HQ and within a minute, Adam was successful with the buyout making him progressed to the next round.

Round 4 (Nurse Lori V Syed)


A typical laying out of roads was observed which deviated from Syde’s usual first move and putting up a Chili Dog Stand next to it. Fortune Teller appeared. Nurse Lori built Stock Market and released Infernosaur, the very first offense released in their match. Syed in hope to bring up population even bigger put up a Meringue Hill followed by another attack of infernosaurs. Syed initiated a base buyout of Nurse Lori’s and it was a success. Syed won with a staggering 28K points.


Round 5 (Fox V Sara)


Fox initiated the activation of Kung fu Kid. It was counter-defended by Sara by activating Kung fu Kids too. Both seem to imitate each other’s attack pattern in the first few minutes since most of each other buildings were similar. Fox might just be kidding and deviated from copying tactics while activating a Stock Market. But Sara did the first move to buy out Fox’s base and was truly successful. Later, it was Fox who won the match by 32K coins and 7 in land area covered summing up a total of 11K with only a 3K difference.

Round 6 (Adam V Syed)


It’s all about the Stock Market! Adam started the match with a decent offensive unit by activating Kung fu Kids. But following was a catastrophe that a surprising Base buyout would be later known to Syde making him dumbed and paralyzed upon seeing all his hardships turned into ashes before him.  Adam successfully bought the base and quickly won the match with 35K points in less than a minute.


 Round 6 (Fox V Adam)

It’s actually a Phoenix VS Phoenix but the first few minutes of the fight seemed to be children playing inside. Both were placing their buildings adjacent to opponents HQ or Base which I find really funny and a sort of teasing. Adam, the Champion-would-be started off the match by putting a Dojo and activating its skill. In a matter of a minute after the offense was released he initiated a buyout of Fox’ Base and was very successful making Fox get no points except for 2 in terms of land area.

Adam won the last match of Builders’ Battle Royale Finals!

Hail to the champion, winners, and the event organizers behind this successful Twitch Tournament. We want to see more!

Second childhood and its good effect

Just lately, I learned that papa is behaving differently.

I call lolo my papa. That word ‘papa’ sounds pretty endearing to my ears as much as I love hear myself utters it. I grew up my teenage in his care and guidance and I am very proud to be my grandpa’s only boy. But every day, things are getting clearer and slowly unravel things I suspect before now seems to ring true. This manifestation disturbs me and becomes a hurting truth in my bare eyes that papa has a problem.

They call it second childhood.

I heard its effect. The worst of having it. But I shrug it off. I know it for fact that it would never happen to him no matter what because he’s strong and has always been active and he’s yet on his 71.

The way he acts much more like a child seems to be just usual to me then because we play together more than often but not this time any longer. That thought in my head that I almost don’t know him now is really annoying. I visited a doctor in our local and consulted it. He said, it is not something needing medical attention but a psychological one.

According to psychologist, signs are simple and quick to notice. A number of rational functions would be affected like doing the basic math, thinking, as well as memorizing and this result to becoming weird of that person. He’s like a time-travelled papa back to his early12.

Second child 01.jpg

This is not papa’s picture. Rights and other related rights related copyright and ownership is completely credited to its original original owner.

Months passed.

He does the same things every day. He plays games with my phone and loves it very much. There would even be a time that I would find my phone missing and found it is at his grip. But I don’t give it a fuck. He’s my papa and I love.

So all since then, I find time to sit with him on the couch to play my favorite, now our favorite mobile game. I discovered his liking for it when I found that my account was levelled up a bit. Thanks to papa.

Downtown Showdown has never been that easy for both of us. But I am trying to create an account for him play together. Conquer other cities, and win the battle for loots, medals and gems.

Though there is no quick way, or rather nothing can really help him out this condition; I believe it had a good effect on both of us because we now have a more meaningful moment every time with one another.

downtown showdown

This is the game I am telling you in the story.

PH, TH excites new city builders

Yes it’s finally coming to the shores of the Philippine islands. Downtown Showdown has sailed away from America against the deafening sea to meet their Asian friends. It’s really nice to hear how reaching and befriending would result to good opportunities or at least something better as well as understanding cultures.


Bill Banks and Zack Gold, the main competing players in the game.

My cousin helloed me from the outside yesterday near midnight, but I was so preoccupied so I guessed he must have called a thousand times, but I missed it, to tell me that DTSD is coming to the Philippines. Lol! Sorry Adele. Please forgive me for copying a few of your lines. I love it anyway.

Well, my cousin is an android phone user who verified to me that he indeed finally can download the game I was strorying him almost every day of his life over the phone back there in the orient. For the some reason, he might not know that this is my way of getting him into it so that I would have somebody playing with me in future.

Going back to it being free for installation in the Philippines, I foresee its current market becoming bigger and larger. I know how and what makes Pinoys tick. And clearly with the advent of this familiar game concept, the CoC that once was a big hit among young and adult Juan de la Cruz would probably roll in the deep as Pinoy gamers switch to something more calm and relaxed.

Downtown Showdown city building concept of fighting is a little bit not that exciting I know it for a fact because I play it but that’s not what makes me stay playing rather its on entire design which make me love it more than I love to get a full length sleep at night.

I just wish somewhere in the future the Developers find a way to add in structures or buildings’ Philippines is known for like Bahay Kubo as homage to its possible contribution to the games growth.

Gossips roamed. I heard it would also be released in some nearby Asian region like Thailand. Confirmation hasn’t been clear, but surely, any undertaking this company would put forward is for the best.

If you want to try it the best time is now. It is both android and iOS compatible. So for android, please download here: and for iOS here:

Welcome to the city!!!

Facebook ordeal in facebook reactions

Now I strongly disagree with the incorporation of Facebook reaction as the platform new added feature. By seeing how it is being abused by bullshit netizens who are mostly thug and bum in the cyber world, I can’t even contain my anger and boiling words for them. Have they even remembered where in hell they’ve left that moral and decency?

I am afraid that seeing this video roaming around the social media particularly on Facebook would demoralize this young God-created-being making him less than what he really is.

The 917000 views it collated as of writing possibly from liking and sharing amounts to the 917000 times this young kid already have been bullied more than he might get in a school setting. This occurrence is alarming, especially in my land, the Philippines, where social media is used as a tool to demolish and disrupt the existing beautiful culture and moral of the Filipino people.

That Facebook reaction composed of Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry seems to be like a stirring wheel for those bullshit netizens to continue to propagate their inappropriate reactions to particular media content such as in the picture you see below.

Facebook ordeal in facebook reaction

Photo of a young minor gets viral in social media

I am no advocate for offended children. I just take it seriously because I have young brothers who I’d never ever wanted to see being put in the light of shame.

Though production of such content might be under the consent of the actor (child) in the video still the ground where abuse and harassment can happen is opened like a door to the world. The Facebook worldwide reach is undeniable.

And to combat further children abuse that might continue to happen, it should be oppressed by passing a law dedicated to promote and protect children’s welfare against being a subject for hilarious social media content. The fact that we don’t have an existing one is more like neglecting the respect our younger brothers or sisters deserve to feel not in the expense of who they are, what they do or how they feel.

I regret that I have not much to delve on this matter, but I’ll surely be keen on any oppression against our minors.

Ring and its statements

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I am acting weird these last few days over a wedding ring I saw while walking down the mall area with jewelry shops.

Initially, upon seeing it I thought of mom’s and dad’s marriage ring which they still wear up to now even they’ve been apart for quite few years already. Mom’s was a gold-made ring and she wears it on the left hand. It still shines like a new one. Yes, sparkling just exactly like everything back then where home was still filled with warm laughter and those days and nights were lovely and complete.

And I know, and I don’t forget that I promise my partner that one day I would give her that just like dad did to mom. Something that she’d like to wear or that’d symbolize my ever ardent feeling of love for her. I know that day is coming sooner and I couldn’t stand waiting.

But even before, us, Filipinos overseas in California, we still follow the Filipino way of life though it sometimes feels odd doing it in a place that tells you it’s not how we do it here. But I don’t care. I don’t want to spit at that tradition, that one thing that guided me to who and where I am now.

Well, for a fact, buying one is too early and my girl is left-handed unlike me whose right hand I think does the most things every day and always active physically. While her being left, as some say, is thought as character and belief represented.

With that I wonder how I would know if I am placing the ring at the correct finger or hand. I stumbled upon a little cute blog designed for married man and whatnot. It appeals to me so much that I’d itch to share you some of the learning I had.

For them, the little finger, the last in the series and we call it as a daily habit as pinky is a place for rings that represent family crests. But I don’t usually mind it before until I tried wearing one and got the feel of it as like the busiest or the flashiest. According to it, the pinky ring worn on the dominant hand is associated with intellect and excellent ability to express oneself. While those on the other, indicates strong intuition and a good listening skill.

The fourth finger which is customarily the married man finger as we all know has other meaning. Just like a ring worn on the right fourth finger signifies engagement, take of the pope’s ring, and not necessarily marriage, instead it is the left fourth finger which rings true for that statement. This also is the finger associated with the sun, creativity and beauty, and romantic relationships. And why is that it is known even long before as the commitment finger is because of the idea that was once thought to have an unbroken artery that leads straight to the heart, essentially creating a direct connection to the heart to signify an eternal bond.

When the ring is in the middle finger, it said that it is the slot for the first-time ring-wearers. And if it is your first time it feels like not that awkward at all. It would feel more comfortable. Expert, I mean here the blogger said that wearing in that particular finger says about structure, balance, conscience, and order.

Then the index which is our pointing finger is not just a finger we use when we are mad and want to point at person. A ring on this location denotes family status and symbolizes a deeper meaning like power, leadership and authority. On the other hand, worn on this part sometimes means marriage.

And lastly, the thumb finger which shows the sign of wealth or influence. Also a thumb ring worn on the active hand in the main hand indicates an assertive personality.

With all these things learned I hope that I could get some time to rethink which one is best for my left-hand partner.

DTSD brawl review

I know I am not much of an expert as even I didn’t have the luck to qualify for the brawl; here I have some of the most worthy sights I was able to observe during the tournament. I am sharing it to you to get an understanding of what the event is if ever you want to try out this battle soon.

Essentially, the event is composed of seven matches in total, four in the elimination round, two for the semi-finals and one for the final showdown.

The following tournament itinerary followed the first ever Downtown Showdown twitch tournament series of matches.

Round 1

Basically, this one was a short-lived fight between **Sidhe** and techknight that lasted for an approximately less than a minute. On the onset of the match, **Sidhe**’s aggressive stance stood out and proved to be a winning factor by placing a stock market which we know gives 30000 additional coins when used. The meringue hill which was also lay down afterwards provided her a population edge of about 75000 which is considered a decent start for anyone attempting to run for the race in population. While techknight constantly played on a bit of a mid-range quality by producing less offensive buildings. But **Sidhe** finished the match by buying out techknight’s HQ advancing her to the next fight.

Round 2

This seemed to be like a normal showdown with no outstanding moves observed among opponents that only consumed the normal showdown battle time of five minutes. At the end, it was Ryky who won the match.

Round 3

Ace and Piyo had a bit of gap in terms of level status. But this was not the thing in this match. Piyo started off by putting residential buildings following his city outermost boarders. This took much of his time building each, though was not a waste of time when completed as it gives population increase however, it is not an enormous offense to junk any opponent. While Ace, during that time wasn’t doing any good move to counter that Piyo’s progression. It was also notable that he accidentally put everything back in his storage. Then few moments later in the fight he ended up losing the battle.

Round 4

Kimme and Dennis fight was not much memorable. It’s a typical match between each other whose available skill set and strategy planning was sub par. But even that, Kimme moved forward to the next match. But at least both had put up a good fight.

Round 5

The fifth round brought back the excitement and thrill of the showdown. **Sidhe** backed in the showdown room initially founded a meringue hill to boost up her population. A very identical practice she employed in the first match against techknight. It was an instant 75000 increase of population for her city. Overpowering Ryky’s style of showdown, he was left far behind at the midterm breakdown. Allowing that sometime to cool down and think of another strategy, **Sidhe** once again made sure to take offense by creating a dojo building to cook some attackers. Kung fu kids were rapidly produced and eyed important buildings to destroy. Later on the match, a buy-out was performed and victory went in favor of **Sidhe**.

Round 6

As semi-finals continued, Kimme for the win reused similar winning approach to combat Piyo who later on lost the match unexpectedly. This proved Kimme’s attacking scheme was effective for a match of two or three. This made him progressed to the finals to fight **Sidhe**.

Round 7

Kimme and **Sidhe** seemed to have used analogous tactics to battle out each other. The two, both dropped meringue hill for population lift, followed by a stock market to gain coins – most probably for the same result he previously hoped. Here with my friends watching it called this a meringue hill showdown. But it was **Sidhe** who first initiated a buy-out of HQ. Surprisingly, in just a matter of second it was bought successful and the match ended up with so much screams from us accessing the live twitch broadcast. The showdown trophy went in favor of **Sidhe** and the brawl closed.

All in all, it was an eventful showdown among participants. I know it would be more exciting in the next brawl showdown coming up at the mid of the May.

DTSD psychology of colors

Hello there! I am back, and with this obsession, I choose to take it to a whole new level of inhaling through its addictive coloring elements. Have I ever told you before that I am very fond of staring at colors because they are lovely to look at. Colors give me a space from the massive black and white universe covering my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a loner nor has been battered by problems, it’s just I take colors seriously from its vividness to sharpness, contrast to vibrance.

You know that game Downtown showdown which I’ve been losing my time with over a month now has colored my gaming experience? I don’t know how it happened or what it did to me. All I’ve now is the passion to play and replay and replay it again. Ooops! I sound repetitive there! lol


By just looking at it, we could quickly isolate and understand that its prevalent color theme from the excess is none other than the hue of the sky, the blood of the crowned, which is blue but is partly painted with assortments of its lighter and darker shades. Do you know that blue signifies intellectuality?

According to experts, it is the color of the mind so it affects us mentally, while soothes us on the inside. Perhaps, this is that element that makes me addicted to it playing. Well that maybe the reason, too, behind why downtown showdown is created. I supposed, it’s for highly intellectually processing minds. So if you’re one among playing it, you got to be so proud.

Essentially the game requires critical analysis of the current city situation to produce strategies or plans in junking your opponent in terms of coins, land area, flag or base buy-outs in a showdown.

It’s a game for the strategists and the planner.

Moving forward, let us take a deeper look at how Bill and Zach are portrayed in the game. For you, non-communicatively meticulous, you might mistake the element such as color used in neither the hair nor the clothes they worn.

Just going back to the above image, Zach wears more of darker hues like black. This would mean that him as an IT industrialist is reflected as sophisticated, glamorous and emotionally safety. I won’t delve more to that as it speaks for itself already. If you are under Zach Company you’ll notice it.

Well, Bill as a real estate tycoon has a yellow hair, blue outer and white inner piece. As a matter of fact, in here, Bill is viewed as an optimistic and confident real estate magnate. The blue suggests an intellectual adeptness. That may be the reason behind his successes.

Not just the characters which denote meaning. For instance, the text Showdown in brightly gradient blue means efficiency and intelligence. So that indicates when doing showdown, it requires the mentioned skill win a match.

While the text Showdown in color orange signifies physical comfort, passion and security. That’s the reason why playing this does not make you addicted it just makes you feel like that, but int reality it relaxes you to feel at ease.

So dare to give it a try? Feel good every day by playing it.