Here comes again the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP currently ongoing in Russia and was started yesterday June 14, 2018, until July 15, 2018. With a starting match of Russia versus Saudi Arabia and Russia got off to the perfect start for the hosts as the Russian national team cruised to a 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia, using three goals from substitutes, including two from Denis Cheryshev. These Russian team really dominates the game against Arabians. So have you already pick your team? For me, I still go for Argentina because of Lionel Messi he’s too popular yet so pro in soccer even though there are lots of players who are really good but, for me Lionel Messi is the one who stands out. How about you who’s team are you in and so as the player?


In celebration of World Cup 2018, Rohan SEA shows support upon releasing in-game costumes that represent every country participants.

ROHAN SEA team are so good to come up with this idea on how are they going to show support on the event and the good thing is this is not just an ordinary costume but instead there is an added effect +30 to all stats! see how good it is? I already bought the Argentina Jersey and it fits well with my character and as I mentioned earlier I am a supporter of Argentina Team and since I am a player too of ROHAN SEA I didn’t miss the chance to purchase one. So how about you? have you already decided which team are you on?



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[R.O.H.A.N VENGEANCE] Trinity update



Trinity is one of the newest class in Rohan Online. It is composed of Mar the first class who can choose between Rumir who brings Harmony and Prosperity to the world and Noir who brings Chaos and Destruction to the world.




Mar – first class of the Trinity who can choose between Rumir and Noir once she reaches level 50.









Rumir – the Light Property Magic, suitable for the role of Healing and Buffing players.










Noir – The Dark property Magic.  A very powerful being for PvP that will lure all enemies to their despair.






Trinity’s Content and Opinion

Creating this character is too easy, you can reach level 50 without moving to different places and you can’t move in a different place without finishing the quest so it’s a must! you need to finish the tutorial for you to move on the different map. Unlike normal classes, you need to explore the world of Rohan to reach level 50 for you to change class and this class can survive the game even without having a good equipment that’s how powerful they are.

In my opinion this class got a huge advantage compared to normal classes, imagine you can change job in a short period of time, about 30mins or lesser unlike the normal classes it takes a lot of hours, next is they only got one map to move on so it’s not hard to find the NPC to do main quests see how easy is that? Some players might like this kind of leveling but some are not. In my side this kind of leveling is not so good because you can reach the next class in short period of time but what’s next? You might feel lazy to play after that because you already reach the goal you wanted. Unlike the normal class you need to put so much effort for you to change job so you will never feel lazy but instead, there is a high chance for you to continue to level up it’s because you’ve been through a lot already so why quit? And to think of it that ROHAN playwithsea just launched their game about a weeks ago and they already released this trinity patch is not a good idea for me. It’s because the game is just starting to grow so there’s a hype on it. Some players prefer only classic ROHAN they want to enjoy the game without the trinity class so it’s better if they did hold the Trinity patch for long days maybe in developers side they will release it early so it’ll be more competitive to other ROHAN servers which is also good. So that’s it!


So to all players who are disappointed on Trinity’s early release we don’t have any choice but to accept it because eventually, they will release it the only difference is that it’s earlier as we expected so let’s just enjoy the game! Happy Leveling!


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Reminiscing the nostalgia of MMORPG

I was a ROHAN PLAYER before, I used to play ROHAN ONLINE PH way back 6 years ago under the operations of Level-up games but it closed. The main reason why they shut the game is that of the unresolved bug issues, Overpowered Items, and the Third Party Program Users. I was so sad about what happened to the game because I used to Top-up in-game and I consumed so much time for me to get strong, so there is nothing I can do but accept the fact that the game is already closed.


And to continue playing my friends introduced me ROHAN BLOOD FEUD which is a North America Server. It was nice since we can migrate our account from ROHAN PH, we can continue what we’ve started on the PH server to ROHAN BLOOD FEUD, the only difference is that ROHAN BLOOD FEUD has a new class named TRINITY. During the tutorial, you will be introduced to the Mar class who is a young and lovely Trinity spirit forced to choose between the two Trinity factions. Mar will have to choose between the Rumir faction who have been sent to bring Harmony and Prosperity to the world and the Noir faction who have been sent to bring Chaos and destruction to the world.

At first, It was nice because you get back to the game plus the new character to choose. The problem with this server is that.

• The new character is too overpowered.

• Since I am playing from the Philippines I got server lag issues.

Because of these problems, I decided again to quit the game. I didn’t play for long I been busy in my life on different things, then suddenly the ROHAN VENGEANCE  appeared on my news feed on facebook so I checked on it, I got a feeling that this one is EPIC so I checked their website rohan.playwithsea.com and that’s it! This is the one that I been waiting for.


• It’s SEA SERVER apparently It is within range so there are no Lag issues.

• No Trinity Class, only the classic ROHAN Online like in PH server.

The good thing about this is since it’s a new server there are lots of item giveaways in the game like if you Pre-register now you will get exclusive items once the server is up and will allow players to gain more experience. They will provide speed server with EXP Boost 500%, drop Boost 200%, forge Boost 70%, refine Boost 50%, enhance Boost 70%, reinforce Boost 50%. Moreover, and special Item mall price. Upon launching there are no CBT on this one so you don’t have to worry about the character reset they will launch the only OBT. The game will launch on May 31, 2018, so I can’t wait anymore! I want to play the game now. I am so addicted to this!

If you want to check their site here are the links.

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Official Website: https://rohan.playwithsea.com




[CryptoNews] Popular CryptoKitties app game, may help usher in a new trend of Ethereum Digital Collecting

After the successful launch of CryptoKitties a week ago, it has become the most popular Ethereum application in the market today that it started spawning numerous spinoffs like Cryptopuppies (after cats, dogs are sure to follow), CryoPets, and the much awaited Bitpets (Bitpets)  into the digital world.


Not all are excited with the latest trend, with some people being skeptic about the whole thing, but the fact still remains that CryptoKitties is a pioneer in what could be one of the platform’s biggest applications.

Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee and Earn.com’s CEO Balaji Srinivasan commented that the application is “actually important” with the CEO explaining further that “it’s one of the first examples of what people have been talking about for years: frictionless international trading of digital assets (not just cash!) on a blockchain”\

Source: https://twitter.com/balajis/status/938227401087004674

Breaking the tradition, CryptoKitties is also the first app to be made under ERC721 (Etherium Request for Comments 721), since this technical standard fits in nicely for collectibles apps that are not fungible (different virtual cats/pets have different values when compared to each other). Another thing making ERC721 ideal for Collectibles like CryptoKitties is that ER20 tokens are divisible (meaning users can divide them up into tiny amounts for buying, selling or trading), which is best for currency but not with virtual animals (imagine owning half an animal or half a cat, what value or fun will you have in that?). But ERC721 isn’t perfected and complete yet, there are still some questions which surrounds developers as of this moment, some are still not satisfied with its coding, but the most important thing is, it’s now being utilized and used.

The game CryptoKitties, has open the door for developers and startups to take an interest in ERC721 as a way of making Crypto assets much more easier to use.

Mr. James Martin Duffy, co-founder of startup LoomX, told CoinDesk on an interview: “I see [ERC-721] tokens having huge potential in the realm of digital collectibles and online games,” Duffy said. “You could use them for digital playing cards … or in-game items in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The tokens could represent the swords, armor and other objects that your character has in his inventory. ” And it doesn’t stop there, Duffy added that, “ERC-721 could also facilitate the tracking, trading and management of real-world assets such as houses or cars.”

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-collectables-ethereums-next-killer-app-is-on-its-way/

With the launching of Bitpets on the horizon, things are getting exciting for fans of cryptocurrency, collecting and of course games. As they say in Pokemon: Gotta catch em all.

The reborn

You know it guys that for a fact I don’t usually write about games nowadays, but I guess, it is my human nature that I am really into gaming and no one or nothing can stop me to talk about what’s inside my head especially if it is about the trend in the gaming world.

The relaunched of Gramfantasia, bearing an additional name ‘Genesis’ in its title is mysterious and mind tickling. For most gamers they might think that this would mean … Ooops! I don’t want to spoil you right here on my blog, so I leave you hanging there. Try it now to discover what I am talking here.


Screenshot of the new Gramfantasia Genesis on PlayStore

Download the game app through Google PlayStore to find out what’s new and what’s out!

Click this GRAMFANTASIA GENESIS to download the app.

Heya, just to tease a little I gonna do few reviews on the latest in technology so check me out soon!

Learning with Gadgets

Now a lot of the older generation are learning step by step on how to properly optimize usage of the latest gadgets today in the market. We don’t necessarily have tutorial tools except for their kids. But now we have apps that can teach our babies on how to start learning with numbers and letters.

One sample we have is Dora’s English Adventure. It is an app created for kids helping them out with minor subjects with numbers, letters and a lot more. We have tested it with different age and some kids tend to learn more using this app. We have noticed an interaction we don’t see normally in a classroom setup because the teachers are focused on a large group not on an individual setup.

Dora #1.png

Here is a part of the game where Dora wants to dance with the kid. Here is a chance for the kid to be active and have fun while learning. This is a great way for the parents to keep track of the learning of a kid because they even have an option to check and see a kids understanding of the event.

You can download the App here:

App Store : http://apple.co/2dcP0zE

Google Play Store : http://bit.ly/2dcOO3n

Let your kids learn the fun way, Download it now for free.


Ipad Mini 4 Review

Apple fans – the lighter, slimmer and improved Ipad mini 4 is more than what you think that meets the eye. Back in September last year when it was first revealed, nothing got me excited for it. Except to it being an apple made device which is a great brag off at a very least! With its weight of 299 gram, this SIM card enabled device is a best travel buddy whether I am riding on a train or just relaxing at the poolside while taking selfies with my friends.

And yes if we discuss about its design, nothing much changed that would lead you to think that it’s a no Ipad mini 3 but unfortunately it’s still its progenitor’s design you met before.

Well if in terms of functionality, I know you’re used to it already and its apple conventional way that it only upgrades selected portions of the system rather than reinventing new ones such as LG’s G5 current innovation. But wise consumers know that this doesn’t make apple less than what it really is.

One instance is the embedding of Night shift mode function where the device screen color temperature is a bit adjusted to some yellowish tint to make it easier for the eyes which I think is a good move especially for night users.

What more excitement you can get is that it retains the slim and small size of its mom just as fitting to the curve of our hand palms.

A very minor body changes were improved too like the volume buttons on the side that sit now just surface level that is also conspicuous on Ipad Air 2 design.

And there would be no worries regarding applications, you also get all built-in apps you had in the previous version with little improvement.

While, most of you are gamers I suppose, and trying it on a heavy graphic mobile game it turns out just as fantastic you might never imagine!

The strong and solid appeal of this all-metal design is very attractive to consumers. The heat when used excessively for long hours is actually not felt. While the only downside is the hefty price it is sold for.