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Hello, world. This is going to be yet another gamer’s blog that will be eventually filled with stories, pictures, and videos chronicling the videogame escapades of Frilly Cheesesteak and friends. What sets this one apart from the rest? Well, to be honest, not much. It’ll be another perspective on the matter of games and gaming, and while one more voice won’t make much difference when added to the cacophonous din of the Internet, it will be unique in that there’s no other author named Frilly Cheesesteak out there (as of the time of writing, anyway). I made sure of it by Googling the name, and it cleared with only 4 hits. 4 hits is nothing, it’s as if the search doesn’t exist. And if it doesn’t exist on Google, it doesn’t exist at all.

We’ll get this party started with a long-time love of mine: MMORPGs. I used to play games like Ragnarok and Lineage all day long when I was still a kid, which could explain my distaste for social situations that don’t take place within a virtual space, but I digress. I’ve heard that the communities for old-school (read: pre-WoW) MMORPGs are thinning out, so I joined the biggest one I could find that I also never played before: Cabal Online.

I’ll download the Cabal and create a character, learn how to play, and take a few screenshots before writing up something about the game to post here. Stay tuned, all 2 of you!


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