Frillycheezsteak, Male Force Shielder

Frillycheezsteak, Male Force Shielder

There’s a couple hours of gameplay footage for me to edit so I’ll keep this post short.

By the end of the first day of playing Cabal Online, I saved a town from a zombie plague, discovered the cause of a deadly mutagen outbreak, and investigated biological attacks between merchant clans trying to monopolize the weapons market. Oh, all while killing countless amounts of equally countless varieties of monsters.

It’s safe to say that at the very least, Cabal has a story. Whether it’s one worth sticking around for remains to be seen, but there’s something there and it would be a waste to not give the game a shot. I’m about 20 levels in by now, and there’s still plenty of skills and mechanics to unlock aside from looking forward to the plot. A bit more gameplay is in order before anything conclusive can be drawn.


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