So long and thanks for all the discs

Sony stopped manufacturing PS2s.

That’s sad news for me. Yes, at heart I am a PC gamer and always will be for as long as personal computers exist. But I still remember the days when I would sit down with friends, cousins, nephews, and classmates with that iconic black controller in hand. The PS2 was a huge influence in not only my gaming life, but to my social development as well.


The PS2 models SCPH-30001 and SCPH-70001, affectionately nicknamed Phat and Slim by fans of the console, side by side

It’s also mind-boggling in the sense that you never really even noticed it was still there these past few years, and yet they were continuing to outsell even some of Sony’s later products including the PS Vita. And it did so over the course of 12 years. In tech time, that’s aeons.

12 years is older than some of my relatives!

I never got to use some of its more niche applications and peripherals. Backwards compatibility with PSX games? Sorry, I was a Nintendo boy during that era. DVD playback? Maybe once or twice a year, but even back then I wasn’t so much into physical media for entertainment storage. Netplay? Didn’t have broadband until after college, and even then, you had to buy an adapter that let you connect an ethernet cable to the console. Nowadays, consoles have that included – and some even come with WiFi.

But at the heart of what made the PS2 so great was its massive and awesome game library. Who can forget console exclusives like Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus, and Final Fantasy? Sure, Grand Theft Auto III ended up on PC after a while, but didn’t you see it – maybe even play it – on the PS2 first? I believe the console was the gateway to more gamers out there than any console before it – and probably only rivaled by mobile gaming in the current generation.

It will be missed, the PlayStation 2, and all the memories associated with it will be remembered fondly. Sad as it is to let it go and to realize that – for the vast majority of growing gamers out there – no more experiences will be had with this icon of gaming culture, I can safely say that I am extremely proud to have known, played, and enjoyed it.

Sony PlayStation 2 (March 4, 2000 – December 28, 2012)

  • Total games library: 10,828 titles
  • Units sold: More than 150m
  • Total game titles sold: 1.52bn

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