Guild Wars 2 reflection

There’s a part of me that really, really wants to love Guild Wars 2. It’s such a beautifully-crafted game, with awe-inspiring art direction and scenery; there’s a semblance of story and lore, making every quest and event feel somewhat significant – like you’re making a real change in the world; the game pulls you in so easily, with the amount of life and activity that goes on around your avatar. It almost doesn’t feel like an MMORPG because it breaks so many molds of the genre.

And that’s why I can’t fully appreciate it. I want an MMORPG, one that’s more akin to the type I played 3-5 years ago. Guild Wars 2, for all its immersion, doesn’t satisfy that old-school thirst I’ve been trying to quench. For one, I’m old now; my reflexes aren’t what they used to be, and it seems like the gameplay – with its action-oriented combat mechanics – is more suited for a younger class of gamer. Then there’s the fact that rewards are so easy to come by, it almost feels like I’m being given freebies especially when it comes to experience points. The rewards come so often and so effortlessly that I don’t feel rewarded for achieving them.

I’m not saying Guild Wars 2 is bad. Far from it. Guild Wars 2 is easily one of the most impressive games I’ve played in the past two years. However, it’s just not capable of delivering a hardcore MMORPG experience.

I guess I’m going back to Cabal for now.


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