Hoping this one will come out in Cabal NA

Mr. Wormy

■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug that caused the Tempus’s Ring gives doubled amount of HP than normal
2. Fix bug that displays incorrect info of cooldown of some potions in tooltip
3. Fix the bug that displays abnormal message when trying to sell items in Remote-Cash-Shop (press N feature)
4. Fix the bug related to Tower of the Dead B3F map

■ Changes

1. Change cast time of some buffs

2. Change cooldown of Heal (Force Shielder) / Greater Heal (Force Archer) to 3 seconds

3. Change stats of some equipments

  • Raise Lycanus Weapons’ stats
  • Raise Drei Frame Armors’ stats

4. Change the Attack epic option of Astral Bike – RW3

  • Raise value of Attack epic option for Astral Bike – RW3

5. Change the stats granted when using Bike Epic Converter (Highest)

6. For testing purpose, the DP reward from dungeons changes

  • Change : For a short duration (only…

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