Old and kicking…

“Today, today… What will I talk about today? I know let us discuss one of the pioneering games out there. They say that Cabal is an old MMO, well they are correct. But this old MMO is still kicking, every time I log in to the game I can still see the players enjoyment of the game. It may not as lively as before but Cabal still has a lot of players… not bad for an old game.

The community itself is much bigger that the newly released ones like SWTOR, TSW, and other newly released games. Also take note that some of these games already shut down due to the lack of player concurrent. That’s what you get for using over budget and other over hyping commercials. Underneath that frosting of the cake is nothing but a flavorless piece of sponge.

I’m expecting good things from their upcoming episode IX patch, because where do you see this kind of game even after 5 years in the market they are still providing content. Same goes with the old golden games like Ragnarok Online and MU.

In my opinion Cabal Online provides a big inspiration to the MMO’s today. I cannot describe the feeling, just I know it just provided a big impact on out gaming lives.

Until next time! Play hard and study harder!”


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