For the geeky and to the perverted at heart

Hello fellow forever aloners 😀 ,

Let us discuss today about these so called mini statues or in their most common term Figurines. Others consider them as toys, other considers them as trophies, and most of all others consider them as imaginary girlfriends. Sorry for stereotyping I mean no offense to anyone.

It crossed my mind today that I suddenly want a new action figure but not just any action figure like Marvel Legends, Gundam Kits, Spawn, etc…

Suddenly it came to me, “Why don’t I search an action figure for Cabal” (because I’m still playing the game).

Then with the power of google and the internets I have found this:

After I saw this, my eyes popped out and I was long throwing my money on my monitor and shouting “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” I immediately tried to search this figure and it seems that this is one pretty rare figurine and it is very limited.

The figurine has a name, her name is Zabrina and she is a Force shielder class in Cabal. I was so delighted that she is a Force Shielder because I’m a Force Shielder myself in Cabal.

By the way this figurine stands 34 centimeters (from hair to foot) and she comes with a sword, the crystal shield, and a base. I really liked how her face was sculpted and painted she looks beautiful and lustful at the same time. Here body sculpt and paint applications looks great from the images, it seems that it wasn’t rushed. Too bad she is not like those other Bishojo figurines that you can remove her clothes.

I want this and I hope one day it can be part of my collection.  If it does this will be my third sexy figurine.  The first two were Mrs. Clause and Isis warrior from the McFarlane toys collection.

Here are some more pics of Zabrina:

For more pictures of her go to this site:

See you guys again!


One thought on “For the geeky and to the perverted at heart

  1. It’s not a limited edition, well, it’s kinda of a seasonal thing from, for people who don’t paint these figures I guess it’s a loss until the company opens quotas again, I’ve seen her (in prepainted version) go on sale several times.

    I also play cabal and i did purchase the garage kit version to paint (those are not limited and you can just preorder her) I recently completed her and made her part of a diorama not sure if you’d already seen it, my dio became really popular in the last couple of days since I published it

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