Winter is coming!


Cabal NA has recently revealed their new dungeon and I would suggest that you pack your jackets and heat up your heating pads and tell your female characters in the game to cover up their buns because winter is coming to Cabal!

The content was released in the official Facebook page of Cabal NA last Feb 19 and it looks amazing. Here are some sample screenshots:


At first glance when I saw this, it looks like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude because of the icy crystals that are coming out of the floor.


This guy has “come at me bro!” written all over him. I don’t know if this guy is the last boss that you need to kill in order for you to complete the dungeon. That armor is just awesome! This time it reminds me of an armor set in WarHammer and probably some Game of Thrones. Second that comes to mind is Arthas when he turned into a Lich King without the frozen throne of course. Instead he stands in the center of the dungeon.


Now this guy looks like an Icy apparition, why? Because the guy has no legs! Well half a leg and he has icy crystals that make him float. Why would they design a monster like this? If they will make a monster float let it float. The ice crystal probably out of place for me.


Sample of the ice seals. The crystal seals look fully detailed.

To view more screenshots visit the official Facebook page here: CABAL online

I’m excited to try out this mission battle; I hope that you guys are to.

Once again winter is coming and prepare for an icy death.



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