Prepare for an icy death!

Alright peeps! Here is a new image regarding the new Mission Dungeon in Cabal NA-GLOBAL so far there is no name yet. Let us call it the ice dungeon to keep it simple.

Here as you can see below is the boss of that dungeon. Let me introduce you the Ice Lord:

Ice Lord

As you can see, Ice Lord has some similarities with Arthas the Lich King from WoW. This is Cabal’s version and I can see that is a better one of the two. Ice Lord’s origin is currently unknown and we could probably get more info in the future.

We now have a better view of Ice Lord’s armor and weapon. His armor has two large horns coming out of his back and with that blue color that suits with the dungeon, of course don’t forget about the cape no Ice Lord is complete without a cape. As for his weapon, it does look like Frostmourne except this sword has a wider blade and a curved tip. It clearly states that it is for slashing and slicing and to for stabbing and piercing.

OK enough of the Ice Lord, now let’s focus on this guy the Ice Guardian.

Ice Guardian

Now this fellow looks a lot better. I like the chains hanging out from his hip and yes he still has no shins and feet. I really don’t know what kind of class this guy is and I don’t know if his weapon is a spear or staff. He is probably one the Ice Lord’s bodyguards or is he one of the mini bosses that are around the dungeon. I’ll let you know more once I get some info. The design is great but I really think that they should have given this guy a complete set of legs.

I can’t wait to see these two inside the game when the update arrives.

Photo Source: Cabal NA FB page


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