Episode IX: Rising Force – It’s Near!

I was in CABAL NA-Global forums earlier and saw a thread that information regarding Episode IX: Rising Force has already been posted. So, I followed the link and Alas! I found what I was looking for, a more detailed info for the B3F dungeon. Checking the information of the new dungeon reveals that the Tower of the Undead B3F are for level 155 characters having BS LV. 11 and Epaulet of the dead B3F.



Inside the Tower of the Undead B3f, players will meet new monsters whose strength would not allow any player to finish the dungeon alone. Players entering the dungeon will also be introduced to new boss monsters like Immortal Etherno Calligo Tempus. Items that can be acquired from these boss monsters are the Archridium Orb/Crystals, Archridium Weapons, Archridium Armors and Archridium Epaulets. A cool looking mount, known as the Astral Bike, can also be obtained after clearing this dungeon. Players can go to and fro in style with this awesome looking bike.


This new dungeon “Tower of the Undead B3F” comes with new items that will be very useful for high level players and some of which can be used for PVP or boss hunting. I suggest that the drop rate for normal item sets and weapons of Archridium should be increased for players who are farming these items.


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