CABAL EP 9: Rising Force – New Abilities is it worthy or Flop?

I was reading the whole update review of CABAL NA-Global’s  “Episode IX: Rising Force” and the newly added abilities got me interested. Here are my thoughts regarding the said abilities:

Damage reduce option will apply when the player is attacked by monsters or players. The amount of damage taken by the player will depend on the character’s stats and equipped items.

Accuracy determines the success rate of both long ranged and melee attacks. The higher the accuracy value, the higher the chance of the character to land an attack on its target. This value can be affected by the target’s (monster or player) evasion rate which means the effect of this option will differ per target. Because of this option, I’m leaning a bit more towards the Blader class since they have the highest Accuracy which allows them to attack with minimal misses.

Penetration is the specialty of the hybrid character classes like Force Archers and Force Bladers.

The value of this option determines the how much the target’s defense rate will be decreased, connoting a higher damage received by the one on the receiving end of the attack.

Next are debuffs applied by casting skills. Below are the additional debuff effects included into character skills.

Suppression renders a character immobile and silenced. Skills with this debuff can significantly change the tides of a battle. Being the first to cast a skill with this effect could be the deciding factor of who will win the match.

Root effect renders the character immobile and unable to cast skills related to movement.

Silence effect disables the character’s ability to cast skills for a certain period. Combined with the Suppression effect, players may find themselves helplessly watching their character die a brutal death.

Next are the abilities which will allow players to escape a critical situation during PVP.

Mezz Immune gives your favorite character immunity from any form of status changes from given by any kind of skill or weapon.

Complete Evade enables a character to evade all attacks, preventing any amount of damage from being sustained.

Reflect Damage entails that a portion of the damage received will be sustained by the attacker.

So players, what do you think? Is it a Flop or a “two thumbs up”? For me, these new abilities/effects have great potential in becoming game changers. Although, I would suggest indicating the percentage of the passive effects so that players can include it as a basis on how the character will move or execute its attacks.


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