CABAL EP 9: Rising Force – Mission Battle

I saw this video from YouTube. It’s the new feature called Mission Battle from the upcoming update of CABAL NA-Global called Episode IX: Rising Force. It’s an awesome feature which has the concepts of dungeon, PvP and war all rolled into 1. The new feature can be exploited by using it as an arena for tournaments. The Mission Battle has raised the bar in the PVP scene. Not only do players have to worry about their opponents, but they also have to race towards the guardians of the map to get an advantage. The more buffs your team acquires from defeating the guardians, the better the chance to win.

The point system is different from other team battle point systems. In Mission Battle, the points earned in defeating an opponent or guardian can also be used as currencies to buy both offensive and defensive buffs from your team’s base.

Obtaining points are not restricted to defeating enemies and the guardians; they can also be acquired from destroying the opponent team’s tower. Since it will be difficult to reach and destroy the opposing team’s tower, accomplishing such a feat will be given a greater amount of points compared with just killing players and guardians.


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