Episode IX: Rising Force is HERE!


As the CABAL Support Staff told earlier regarding their announcement that they will now release Episode IX: Rising Force “You have waited long enough!” and yes I am, I have been waiting for this update to be release. Seeing those spoilers on their Facebook page and YouTube channel I am really eager to try out the contents of the new episode. What I’m really excited about to try is the new Mission Battle. I know I have given my thoughts about this feature here.

Currently, I’m downloading the patch it is HUGE! I think it will take some time for me to log-in. I hope I won’t encounter any problems during this process. I know that this update is focused on higher level characters but I’m not losing hope that even a guy who has a mid level character will also enjoy some of the contents of the game.

Well, that’s it for me now. We’ll leave my PC on for the patch to continue and will now go take some rest and hoping that it will be finished once I open my eyes later. 😀


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