Cabal’s New Update – Episode IX: Rising Force

What is this Episode IX? A new patch called “Rising Force”. But when I searched what is this I saw that it is the new patch of CABAL. When I look and read about the patch notes, it gave me goose bumps about the featured items that will be released today. The item stats, I will give it two thumbs up as a player having this kind of item can make my character class much stronger in nation war, PVP, and in quest completion. Here is the link if you want to know everything you can read it on the link about episode 9, I don’t regret from recommending this one because as you will see on the site the good stuffs that you can acquire from playing it. 😀

The one that I am aiming for from this new patch of cabal is the Tempus ring from the boss of Temple of the Dead floor 3 “Immortal Etherno Calligo Tempus”. This item needs to be craft upon receiving. The item needs 1 Powerless Tempus ring and the other items required for crafting are 1 Killian Ring from crafting the mergaheph ring and 1 slot extender (High).


There are a lot of new added features like achievements, charms, skills and stats balance modification, new quest and armors are now available on boss monsters and the new mission battle is a must try.

Mission battle event were players from level 150 up will be given a privilege to battle and obtain points on the Frozen Coliseum Battle field which can be used to purchase buffs that can enhance your character attack and defense, this buffs will not disappear upon death and it can be stack up to 3 buffs of the type.

So co-gamers what else can you ask for you can be strong and beat other players here or be the one that will be devour by veteran players. Prove your worth because I’m aiming for it now and experience what is like being a strong player in-game.


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