Episode IX: Rising Force – Skill System Restructured

I will now discuss to you guys the skill restructure of CABAL NA-Global as included in Episode IX: Rising Force. Below are the descriptions of the Sword/Magic Skill System Restructure:

This is how the new Sword/Magic Skill System will look like in-game:


First, let’s discuss the new skill structure. After the update was implemented, all the points that were used on different skills have been reset. You still have all your available skills but they have been downgraded to level 1.

Attack Skills tab– where all your offensive skills will appear.

Sub Skills tab– where the Dash, Fade Step and similar skills will appear.

Passive Skills tab– where self buff skills will appear here and you don’t need to cast them anymore.

Special Skills tab-no changes have been made.

Skill books purchased at your skill Instructor have also changed. Instead of displaying skill books, players will now be able to see the icon of the skills.


In my opinion, the revisions made are acceptable. Especially the changes made with the passive skills. This will save me more MP potions and will reduce my worries in having to remind myself of casting these skills. They have also removed some low level passive skills and left the highest level skills with the same effect.


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