[CABAL] Wizard Class

In my most recent activity in Cabal, I arranged my character skills for a somehow good skill combo that can be used for PvP and PvE. In this article, I am more focused in using skills with high magic skill amplification because it will help wizards deal more damage. If we’re not going to use such skills, it will give our enemies a chance to get close to us, which is not advisable for the class which has weak defense and defense rate. This will cause great harm to all of us wizards. But more than that, our character has many skills that can prevent your enemies from engaging in close combat.


The biggest advantage of the Wizard class is their Magic skills. This is why we have to increase our magic skill damage by increasing our MSA (Magic Skill Amplification). It is also a big advantage for us if we can prevent our enemies from coming near us. Maximize the use of our skills, to dominate PvP, PvE and Wars even dungeon runs.

As we level up and reach the maximum skill rank, which is the Transcender, we need to obtain each skill from Master skill rank until the Transcender rank. These skills provide us a much higher magic attack and higher skill amplification which can give us astonishing amount damage. Together with our items that have an option that adds magic skill amplification, your character can achieve a great advantage in PVP, PVE, and Wars.

Lastly, I have prepared a video clip below which shows the animation of the skills that I currently use and on the last part I have added the string of skills I use while performing a combo.



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