[CABAL] Warrior Class

Warriors are entitled as the Tank of the battle.  Warrior Class is also a combination of strength and defense and it’s up to you on how are you going to build your character. You can choose on full strength or a combination of strength and defense so it’s basically on the builder’s choice. The good thing about full strength build is that when you were in any wars, your party members or guild members are dependent to you. They will support you  and gives you additional life support and any other buffs that come from a non-warrior class. This class is also effective in PvP (Player versus Player) and second choice class next to Blader on PvE (Players versus Environment).

warriorWarriors are also effective in using of different skills with multiple target or Area of Effects that helps him to attack or to damage one or more targets. The ability of warrior class in combat is very sufficient and effective with an additional buffs from different classes.

In my opinion the Warrior is the most interesting and desirable class. It has the ability to stay longer in PvP and PvE or any War or Dungeon. Below is a video made by a friend of mine showing different skills of this class and demonstrating the combo style and Battle Mode 2, hope that you’ll like it:


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