[CABAL] Force Blader Class


Force Bladers are sword and orb wielders. They are hybrids which focus both on physical and magic abilities. They use their magic skills to de-buff and weaken their foes and follow up with destructive physical attacks to take down their opponents once and for all. Their class’ main structure is balanced on strength, intelligence and dexterity. Increasing their strength attribute increases their damage and strengthens their defensive abilities. Increased intelligence increased their mana capacity, maximizing the use of their magic skills to cripple their opponents. And lastly, increased dexterity enhances their attack rate, in order to land destructive blow to their opponents successfully, and evasion, in order for them to avoid incoming attacks. Basically, a Force Blader has the greatest number of de-buff skills. This makes the class very effective in Player versus Player (PVP) or Player versus Environment (PVE).

Player vs. Player (PVP)

Force Bladers are a very flexible class. They can switch from long range to short ranged combat and vice versa, just like the Force Shielder. They have the advantage compared with other classes that are specialized only in one type of combat style. The amazing feature of this class is their specialty on magic de-buffs skill like Level decrease, defense decrease, attack rate decrease, immobilization, critical defense decrease, attack range decrease, Mana freeze and mass de-buff of level decrease and immobility. The various de-buff skills of the character class makes them more virtually invincible after weakening all the other classes and then striking them with extreme determination. This class is basically the de-buff specialist class of the game.

During Nation War

Force Bladers, as a flexible character class when it comes to Player vs. Player (PVP) and Player vs. Environment (PVE), are necessary in crippling the opponents and the guardians, so that they can be defeated quickly, and in mass de-buff for a greater number of opponents or for enemy parties and break their formations. The magic de-buff skills of a force Blader are needed most in the nation war to prevent the opponents from giving damage or escaping from battle. Its other role is to weaken the guardians of each outpost. Each guardian must be defeated as quickly as possible because of the enormous damage that they can deal. This is where the magic de-buff skills of the Force Blader enters. The Force Blader’s skill can lower all the stats of the guardian. This will give an advantage on your side and enable you to conquer outposts quickly.

In addition, please check some of the skills available for Force Blader in the video below. Together with some sample combos and Battle Mode 2.


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