[CABAL] Force Archer Class


Force Archers are dual crystal wielders focusing on both on magic attacks and attack rate. They use their magic skills to deal powerful attacks with a high chance of giving a critical blow, giving them the advantage of inflicting great harm before their opponents can get near. The class’ attributes are centered on intelligence and dexterity. Intelligence is mainly for their magic attacks while dexterity is their defensive abilities. This class is the long range counter part of Bladers. Basically, Force Archers have a high chance of giving their opponents a critical blow from afar, which is very effective on Nation war and Player versus Environment (PVE).

Player versus Environment (PVE)

A Force archer is one of the powerful long range classes in cabal. It has the highest critical rate when it comes to magic attacks compared with wizards. They also have the highest defense rate and, consequently, a very high evasion rate which would keep enemies from landing successful hits on the character. This is why they can do their quest/s alone, although, similar with the Wizard class, they are at a disadvantage when it comes to close combat. This is the part where their defense rate comes into play. They need so much evasion to avoid receiving continuous damage from their opponents. This is basically the best solo, long ranged class in the game.

Nation war

Force archers can give high damage from afar just like wizards but the difference is that they can cast their magic skills faster. They have the upper hand because they can kill their opponents from afar with their high critical attack rate. They also have huge magic skill buffs to protect them and to enhance their magic abilities to deal greater damage. This is why they are the class needed by wizards as backup to inflict quick and simultaneous damage to opponents and conquer every faction in the shortest time possible.

I have managed to ask a friend a favor in creating a video with his character. He demonstrated the skills with some combo style samples and Battle Mode 2 which in my opinion is the most epic of them all.


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