[CABAL] Force Shielder Class


Force Shielder is a crystal and sword wielder the same with Force Blader but they focused on either magic attack or physical attack abilities; they use their magic attack like wizards from distance with the combination of their high critical chance they can knock you down from afar. They use their physical attack like warriors but with high chance to produce critical damage along the way. Their main structure depends on the player whether they want to be a Magic type Force Shielder (MFS) or Sword type Force Shielder (SFS). The Magic type Force Shielder focused on Intelligence to provide them high damage when using magic cannons and lances, this type depends on the Art of Defense skill to provide them high defense against short range enemies. The Sword type Force Shielder focused on Strength which gives them high defense and high base damage, this type is more on a tanker that can absorb any damage and kill enemies with its high critical chance sword skills. This Class is the counter part of the Force Blader which has a high critical damage and chances that can produce during skill casting. Basically, Force Shielder is the class that no one attempts to be an opponent in Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus Environment (PVE).

Player versus Player (PVP)

Force shielder is one of the strongest classes when it comes to defense and critical damage base attacks due to their high critical chances and critical damage they can throw during a fight. They have the advantage to absorb any damage from within a certain period and can cast a skill with a high probability to obtain a critical damage to their opponents during battle. This is why they are the class that is avoided during any battle because they can hurt you so much but you cannot hurt them back. In my opinion the strongest class ever in the game.

Player versus Environment (PVE)

Force shielder is one of the hardest classes when it comes to defense, their defense is very high compare to warrior class this is why they called to be a tanker type in cabal. They can sustain great damage from their opponents and reduce it with the help of their astral shield which gives them bonus defense and defense rate to block every attack from their opponents. This is why they are the best quest completer when it comes to dungeon run dungeon farmer because they can finish any dungeon with no help from other class and they can sustain the damage at hand from the boss monsters. This is basically the best solo dungeon farmer class in the game.

Here’s a video of its skills, a sample of its combo style and its Battle Mode 2:


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