[CABAL] Friendly PvP Tourney Part 1

Hello fellow gamers, some days ago me and my friends were planning to have a mini-tournament for the game CABAL online. Just a friendly tournament with my circle of friends. Since, our levels are somewhat close to each other. We just want to check how our characters will differ when it comes to player versus player. To spice up the tournament, we agreed to have a bet for us to bring our game faces on and deal with it more seriously. We saw that the game has an event for the month of April which is the “GoCash Ultimate April Upgrade Giveaway!“. So, we all agreed to have a registration fee of $10 Go Cash card, we’re four so we decided to add $10 more for the winner to receive $50 Go Cash card.

The mechanics of the tournament:

– The tournament will follow a single-elimination.

– Race to 2 wins on every match.

– Finals will be race to 3 wins.

My friends doesn’t want me to post their real pictures (-_-) so I decided to just ask them a photo of their characters. Here are the participants for the tournament, in alphabetical order:

Arthur with his Force Shielder “Raserei”


Jace Toni with his Force Archer “SixP4ck” – Me!


Reymond with his Force Blader “Graehl”


Xymon with his Warrior “DerrickRose01”


On the following days, we will provide an update with videos on what’s currently happening to the tournament. We also want to let those who are interested to know what kind of PvP CABAL can offer them. Please remember that this is only just friends having fun. 🙂 For now, I will leave you with the match-ups for the 1st round.



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