[CABAL] Friendly PvP Tourney Part 2

Good Day fellow gamers! Here’s the continuation of the friendly tournament that we have conducted. As promised, we’re going to brought to you the coverage of the 1st Round of matches to determine who will fight for the championship slot.

First up, is the match between Arthur’s Force Shielder “Raserei” versus Xymon’s Warrior “DerrickRose01”:

Here is the match-up of the two known toughest classes in cabal, the warrior with an enormous attack power based on its physical damage coupled with a high knock down rate against the force shielder with the strongest shield that gives boost to its defense power, with a high critical chance to give their opponent deadly blows when they land a critical hit successfully.


Round 1

The game battle between DerrickRose01 and Raserei was so intense. Raserei initiated the attack using his skills that have a high attack power and high critical chance, but has low skill amplification compared to the warrior class, while DerrickRose01 used his skills which had high attack power and skill amplification but has a low critical chance. As Raserei throws every skill to DerrickRose01 during the battle, almost all the attacks were critical. But due to lower attack power, compared with DerrickRose01, his critical damage is a bit small. On the other hand, DerrickRose01 throws huge amounts of damage during the battle even though they weren’t critical hits. It was impossible to resist the blows. As the battle went on, the two players received and gave large as much damage as they can to each other but the one who rose victorious from the two was DerrickRose01 who gave massive amounts of damage to Raserei. Raserei couldn’t minimize the blows since the base damage of DerrickRose01 is very high. This made his critical hits reach a value of almost 200.

Xymon (DerrickRose01) 1, Arthur (Raserei) 0

Round 2

This time, it was DerrickRose01 who initiated the first attack, giving him a great advantage this time around. A huge amount of damage was taken by Raserei as he strives to escape every blow of DerrickRose01. DerrickRose01, a warrior class with a high knock down rate, knocked down Raserei a couple of times, which put Raserei at a disadvantage because he is unable to throw any attack against DerrickRose01 because of the knock down status. DerrickRose01 again won the match since he had the upper hand. He was able to frequently disable his opponent with multiple knock downs, enabling him to land non-stop attacks which lead to victory.

Xymon (DerrickRose01) 2, Arthur (Raserei) 0. Xymon (DerrickRose01) moves to the Finals!

For our next match, it’s Jace Toni’s Force Archer “SixP4ck” versus Reymond’s Force Blader “Graehl”:

Here is a match-up a hybrid and a pure magic type. SixP4ck, a force archer, and Graehl, a force blader, fought with intense magic skills and hybrid attacks which were a combination of sword and magic skills.


Round 1

The battle between SixP4ck and Graehl was very close that it was almost impossible determine who will win the match. Graehl initiated the first attack using his de-buff skills that decreased the attack rate and defenses of SixP4ck against the incoming sword skill of Graehl. These de-buff skills gave Graehl an advantage because SixP4ck, a force archer, is dependent on his attack rate and defense to survive incoming attacks from Graehl. As SixP4ck throws every skill at Graehl, his stats decreased as low as they can get. Fortunately, even SixP4ck’s stats decreased. He was able to knock down Graehl, delaying him from attacking. But Graehl was able to close the distance between them during the battle and gave SixP4ck a huge amount of damage, enough to almost defeat SixP4ck. On the other hand, SixP4ck was able to escape the continuous attack from Graehl and gave him a chance to attack Graehl from afar. As we all know, Graehl, a force blader, is weak in a ranged fight due to its low defense. This weakness leads to his defeat even though he SixP4ck almost died from his continuous attack and de-buffs.

Jace Toni (SixP4ck) 1, Reymond (Graehl) 0

Round 2

This time, it was Graehl who had the great advantage because he was close to SixP4ck while casting his de-buffs skills. He relentlessly attacked SixP4ck after casting de-buffs. Unfortunately, Graehl lacked skills that can damage SixP4ck significantly. Because of this, SixP4ck was able to escape again from Graehl’s attacks. This gave SixP4ck a chance to throw continuous damage to Graehl from afar, which lead to Graehl’s his second defeat.

Jace Toni (SixP4ck) 2, Reymond (Graehl) 0. Jace Toni (SixP4ck) moves to the Finals!

So, for the Final match it will be Xymon’s Warrior “DerrickRose01” versus Jace Toni’s Force Archer “SixP4ck”. Hope that you all enjoyed watching the fights that have occurred in this tournament. Rest assure that the Final match will be intense.


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