[CABAL] Friendly PvP Tourney Part 3 (Finale)

What’s up fellow gamers! I know that you’re waiting for this update. I will now present to you the final match for our PvP tournament. At the end of this article a WINNER will arise! So, without further adieu the Championship Round:

Let’s begin with SixP4ck, a force archer, is known for his quick execution of magic attacks. Jace Toni seems capable in handling a long ranged character based on his previous fight, earning him 2 straight victories against the force blader. DerrickRose01, a warrior, is known for dealing heavy damage when executing his attacks. Xymon appears to be apt in handling close ranged or melee characters based on his previous fights and secured 2 straight victories against the force shielder. This is the fight that we have been waiting for, a match of 2 different classes having different styles of fighting, one long ranged while the other is a close combat fighter. This match-up will decide who is the strongest among the classes is it the long range or the melee one.


DerrickRose01 was first to initiate the furious exchanges of attacks and immediately cut ¼ of SixP4ck’s life. With SixP4ck’s high defense rate, he easily avoided the following attacks from DerrickRose01, earning him his first victory.  Even though DerrickRose01’s attack rate is lower, he almost won with his huge base damage that left SixP4ck’s life to hang in a balance. The damage that SixP4ck received whenever DerrickRose01 was successful in landing a clean hit was severe enough to almost grant DerrickRose01 the first victory of the Finals.


Game two was in favor of DerrickRose01, but SixP4ck managed to give DerrickRose01 continuous blows, cutting DerrickRose01’s life in half. DerrickRose01 managed to hit SixP4ck continuously since warriors specialize in knock down skills. This lead to SixP4ck frequently being thrown to the ground and disabled from casting or executing any skills. This advantage allowed DerrickRose01 to take the win for the second match.


Game three was so intense that you cannot predict who will win at the end of the match. Both players exchanged furious attacks, executing hit after hit. SixP4ck managed to attack continuously without fail but DerrickRose01 managed to knock SixP4ck down, ceasing his flurry of strikes for a moment. The amount of damage from SixP4ck’s continuous attacks matched DerrickRose01’s huge attack power even with just a few blows landed on SixP4ck. It was an intense standoff but in the end, there can only be one winner, DerrickRose01.


Now here comes the final battle. It was almost clear who will be the winner of the next match. But with SixP4ck’s abilities, no one knows if he could pull out a miracle win while using his fade skill to escape DerrickRose01’s relentless attacks. With this technique, SixP4ck managed to reduce DerrickRose01’s life ¾ of its total life. But unfortunately, DerrickRose01’s attacks won over SixP4ck’s evasion. Each hit that was not avoided sent SixP4ck to his impending doom. It was a battle of evasion against a massive attack power. In the end, DerrickRose01 won with only less than a quarter of his life left.

And there you have it. Congratulations to my friend Xymon with his Warrior “DerrickRose01”. (It was my honor battling with you in the finals my friend. :]). $50 Go Cash Card will be given to him as a reward.


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