[CABAL] Upgrading and Extracting Guide

For new players out there, ever wonder how to upgrade an item or extract crafting materials out of your loots? In this guide I will explain how to upgrade an item and how to use the Item Extraction Mode.

First up, how to upgrade an item:

Item Upgrade

1. Open your inventory by pressing the letter “I” then there are two buttons on the lower left corner of the inventory window. Click the first button which is the “Item Upgrade” button. The items on the green box are the different kinds of upgrade cores from the left, these are Upgrade Core (Low), Upgrade Core (Medium), Upgrade Core (High) and Upgrade Core (Highest).


2. The window shown below will appear once you click the “Item Upgrade” button.


3. Choose an item you want to upgrade. As for the example below, I have chosen my Osmium Great Sword of Deathblow +2 as my item that I want to upgrade, I have dragged it on the item box then clicked the “Auto Registration” button.

Auto Registration – it  will automatically register the correct amount and type of upgrading core that you need to upgrade your item.

Types of Upgrade Core:

Upgrade Core (Low)
Weapon: Shadow-Steel(Citrine) Grade or Below
Armor: Shadow-Steel(Aramid) Grade or Below

Upgrade Core (Medium)
Weapon: Bluestin – Shadow Titanium(Aqua) Grade
Armor: Bluestin – Shadow Titanium Grade
Astral Bike Card: Blue

Upgrade Core (High)
Weapon: Osmium(Lapis) – SIGMetal Grade
Armor: Osmium(Lapis) – SIGMetal Grade
Astral Bike Card: RW3

Upgrade Core (Highest)
Weapon: Mithril – Archridium Grade
Armor: Mithril – Archridium Grade


4. If you have already given all the need materials, proceed in upgrading your item. Click “Item Upgrade” when enable.


5. The result will appear immediately once you have clicked the Item Upgrade button. However, upgrading is all about chances and when you fail there are possible results that the upgrade will decrease.


Next up, I will teach you on how to extract crafting materials from the armors and weapons that you have obtain while questing or while inside a dungeon.

Item Extraction Mode

1. Not all items can be extracted especially the armors and weapons that can be bought on the NPC shops. The “Item Extraction Mode” button is just beside the Item Upgrade button found in the lower left corner of your inventory window. In the image below, I want to extract my “Shadow Titanium Armor Helm” which is item inside the green box.



2. Upon clicking the Item Extraction Mode button, the cursor will change into a “claw”-like cursor and it will enable the items that can be extracted.



3. Click on the item the an Item Extract window will appear, this will inform you on what are the possible materials you may obtain once you proceed with the process. The results are at random.




4. After confirming the process, You will now receive the materials that can be use to craft items and add options in it.



There you have it everyone! I hope that I have given our newbie friends that are currently playing the game a useful guide on how to upgrade and extract crafting materials on a given item. ‘Til next time!


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