[CABAL] Jukebox Feature

I know that some, especially if you have played a game for a very long time and once got annoyed to the same background music all over again and you will just go to the option and turn it off. Then, you will press alt+tab and open a player to listen to your favourite songs that will let you in the mood for more game time. But, some games doesn’t allow third party programs running on the background or it will give a negative effect while playing.

In CABAL online, ever wonder what’s the player like thingy that’s mostly located on the lower left of your screen? or when you accidentally pressed the letter “J” button the player will appear or disappear? Well, that’s the Jukebox, a feature in CABAL that let’s you change your background music to the songs that you love to hear.

So, right now I will be guiding you on how to use the Jukebox feature:

a.) This is what the Jukebox looks like in-game:

11. Previous Track

2. Play and Pause

3. Stop

4. Next Track

5. Sound on and off

NOTE1: you can click the “Musical Note”. If you do, a window will appear showing the list of the tracks that you have.

NOTE2: See the “BGM”? you can also clicked that, I will discuss it below.

b.) As I said, you can click the “BGM” button to change the sequence of the tracks you are listening to.

Play All (Repeat)

This will play the tracks available in your list until the very last then repeats it.




This will play the tracks at random.



Single Play

This will play all your tracks until the very last one then stop.



c.) If ever you don’t like to hear any back ground music, you can always turn it off by clicking the “Speaker” icon in the Jukebox or in the option menu and drag the slider to the left.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where will I put the songs / tracks that I like to be played in-game?

A: Locate the Jukebox folder which is inside your CABAL online folder. This is where you will put the tracks that you like.

The default location is C:\Program Files\CABAL Online (NA-Global)\Jukebox

Q: Any song / track file will do?

A: Unfortunately, you need to convert your songs/tracks into *.ogg file because the Jukebox only recognizes .ogg files. Finding a converter will be a piece of cake to you guys.

Q: My songs/tracks doesn’t appear in-game, what to do?

A: Make sure you have put all the files on the right folder. Remember that the songs should automatically appear on your list even though your online since before that doesn’t the case.



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