[CABAL] Trade System

Everyone starts from scratch or in a MMO world everyone becomes what they call a “newbie”. It’s not bad to be a newbie, all of them have questions and those who have experienced on the game just needs to guide or tutor them. That’s why right now I will explain how does Trading works in CABAL.

Trading, this is a very common feature among MMORPGs but the question is how to trade in CABAL?

Steps on How to Trade

1. First, click the player that you want to trade. (I am the Blader and that’s my friend who’s new to the game).


2. Now, click his/her name which is located on the middle top of the screen then a new window will appear.

Cabal(130708-1906-Ver347-0000)Let me just give brief description on the different option that are available in the window shown above.

Whisper – As the name implies, this is to send a private chat from a user. You can also use /w (character name) (message)

Invite Party – Simple as sending an invitation to form a party, we will discuss more on that below.

Request Trade – This what I’m going to explain later on.

Add Buddy – CABAL has a buddy list or friends list, use this to add your friends in-game.

Guild invitation – If you have an authority to add members for your guild, this is the option you want to use.

View Equipment – You can view one’s equipment using this option but some doesn’t want to let others see their gears so they tend to disable it.

Write Mail – CABAL also has a Mail Box feature where players can send items, alz or just simple message to a player using this option.

Follow – It’s a very handy option where you can just follow your friend if ever he/she wants you to see a certain plain in CABAL that you’re not familiar with. Your character will just follow his/her wherever it may go.

3.  Now, click the “Request Trade”, the trade window will now appear same with the image shown below.

Cabal(130708-1933-Ver347-0000)4. You can now drag items on your trade box or input an amount of Alz by just pressing the “Amount” button. The trade will look like the image below. (I’m the one who’s on the lower window).


5. Make sure to double check the items or Alz that you have chosen for the trade. Then, click the “OK” button another window will appear. Like it’s a warning window to make sure that the items or amount of Alz that you have placed are correct.


Then, the “Ready” wording on the Trade window will turn blue. Indicating that you are ready for the trade. Now, the other party just needs to do the same process to make the trade.


There you have it, a simple explanation on how to trade in CABAL. Please do check some of my other guides and for all Newbies out there, stay tune for more!


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