If my guess is right, most of you has a Steam account which is being used to play games that are available on that platform. I too have a steam account where I used it to play DotA 2 with my friends. But I didn’t expect that I might be using it more often that normal. Why? Because recently I found out that CABAL online was officially available as a candidate on Steam Greenlight. In Steam Greenlight, users can pick on the list of game titles where they can vote for the game to be available on Steam.

Meaning every game title that is a candidate in Steam Greenlight has a chance to be added on the list games available on Steam. I have quoted this on their post in their Facebook Fan page:

The benefits of CABAL Online’s availability on Steam will be extreme. In addition to a rapid influx of new friends and foes to interact with, Steam availability will ensure the best possible continuous attention and development that CABAL Online deserves. We are focused on continuously increasing the quality of this game for our players, and our numerous expansive content updates prove our dedication to doing so. Expanding our reach will allow us to create even more. We are always listening to your thoughts and suggestions, and acting on them. Your feedback shapes the future of CABAL Online.

Supporters of CABAL Online on Greenlight will be able to access exclusive perks and benefits if the campaign is successful. Our goal is to reward those who have been with us from the start. You are what makes our success possible, and that fact will not change as we take steps into the future together.

This will give a huge impact on the game where a possibility of a massive player count will be added as new players that will be interested will be joining and trying out the game. Then, eventually new alliances and rivalries will occur that will result into more actions and team-ups to be created. However, all of this will not happen if CABAL won’t be available on Steam.

So, let’s make it happen! Let’s vote “YES” for CABAL (although I have already voted).




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