Release date revealed for CABAL Rising Force EXTREME


Yes you read it right everyone, I have read the press release and it will be released on August 1st, 2013 and some of its features were explained on the CABAL Rising Force Extreme review that they have prepared. Three features were explained on the video these are the:

Extreme Upgrade System, an entirely new way for players to take their equipment to the next level. The Extreme upgrade system offers benefits for items that have never been possible before in CABAL Online.

New Transcender skills, where every class had an additional skills and buffs that they can use during their exploration, wars or your just plain PvP (Player versus Player). Also, new synergy skills when a player activates his/her BM3 (Battle Mode 3) form.

New Dungeon which is  the Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened), still on the same location it can be found in the Forgotten Ruin and as far as I know the Dungeon Entry Fee needs to be crafted on NPC Chloe in Port Lux. It is said to be a buffed version of B2F.

What I do like about this update is the new transcender skills and always think that there will more higher skills to be added on the future. Also, the addition of the extreme upgrade system where players can still enhance or create a more unique gears of their own to raise the competitiveness of the game among others.

That’s about it, I will be looking forward in trying out the contents of the update if possible or if my character’s level permits me to. Also, do not forget to spread the word and support CABAL on their campaign to be included on the list of games available on Steam. Vote “YES” for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight. Vote here.


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