[CABAL] Rising Force Extreme Update

If ever you haven’t have a clue yet, CABAL Online has already released the part 3 of their update Rising Force which is called CABAL Rising Force Extreme. It is really going to the extreme as it adds new features that will make better gameplays for players to enjoy.

As I can’t seem to try all of the said feature I will just give the features that I like or want to try and why.

Extreme Upgrade

Why not? having additional options to your gears is a must since the actions right now inside the game is getting intense. We need better gears that give extreme advantage every time we fight foes or do high level dungeon runs. Although, it’s a bit costly to upgrade but once you have succeeded it will give better results for your gears to be use in battles.

Battle Mode 3 Synergies


I haven’t tried this one since I’m still increasing my level to achieve the BM3, but I’m eagerly want to it out myself. Graphics and gameplay wise this is a must try feature of CABAL Online. Having the freedom to choose your synergies to have an additional effect once  you have done it correctly would give better results plus seeing cool moves from your character.

Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened)


I really want to try out this dungeon, I heard players saying that this dungeon is a buffed version of the first one and I like the fact that it’s a time attack style where you may gain extra time or time bonus when you have defeated a certain monsters inside the dungeon. Also, in this dungeon you may obtain the ingredients needed to create the new ring which was also included in this update which is “Awakened Tyrant’s Ring”.

I will now end my report here. As I will now venture into the depths of CABAL Online to increase my level and try out these features that I have mentioned. I will give updates soon.

If ever you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to post a comment below. Thank you!


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