[CABAL] In-Game Moments for Steam Greenlight

Recently, CABAL Online had an event on their Steam Greenlight page where you need to post your favorite CABAL moments in exchange for a reward. I had a chance to post an entry of mine which was one of my most favorite CABAL experience that happened. This is when me and my friends decided to put up a small tournament, a 1-on-1 PvP tournament which I have also created an article about it here in my blog.

[CABAL] Friendly PvP Tourney Part 1
[CABAL] Friendly PvP Tourney Part 2
[CABAL] Friendly PvP Tourney Part 3 (Finale)

The event only started from a simple idea of one of my colleague and has been finalized and was executed nicely and fun. We were having fun while each one of us battling it out seriously just to bring some competitive in the air or on our circle. After the said tournament we all sat down for a slice of pizza, sodas and just our plain night out that we do whenever everyone’s free. I might say that having a group of friends that plays the same MMORPG that you do can make the game play more playable and not boring at all because up until now we’re still playing the game.

And that was my entry for the “What was your favorite CABAL moment” event that they had on Steam Greenlight. Also, don’t forget to vote “YES” for CABAL Online for the game to be available on Steam.


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