[CABAL] Weekend Bonuses and Turtle Takeover

Has anyone of you read about the announcement regarding the current in-game events of CABAL Online? If not, let me give you some information.  After their maintenance yesterday the events that they  have announced already started, these are:

Weekend Bonuses and

Turtle Takeover Event

Weekend Bonuses will happen every Friday, Saturday and Sunday between September 13th, – November 6th, 2013. This is the best time to abuse these exp bonuses to increase the level of your character or to hunt gears. The breakdown of the bonuses are:

[Bonus Details]
Bonus EXP + 25%
Bonus AXP + 25%
Bonus W.EXP + 25%
Bonus Drop Rate +25%
Bonus Skill EXP + 100%

Turtle Takeover is a search and defeat kind of event. Crag Turtle King will respawn on different maps of the game and we need to locate and defeat it to get a chance to loot insanely good rewards. There are cores, blessing beads, dungeon entrance tickets and many more which will randomly be dropped. For more info, click here. This event will run starting September 12th – November 9th, 2013.

So, I think we’re all going to get busy during this time. Good luck to everyone of you and let me here you thoughts, opinions, or let’s just discuss CABAL Online. Please leave a comment below.

Also, don’t forget to vote YES for CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight, they are very close to be added on Steam.



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