[CABAL] In the Top 10 on Steam Greenlight

Guys! Have you ever already read about the latest news? CABAL Online announced that they have entered the Top 10 on Steam Greenlight last 2 days ago. I just knew about it a while ago since I was busy with the weekend bonuses and looking for the Crag King Turtle monster inside the game. Well, if you haven’t know yet they are currently have some in-game events until November.

But the main issue here is the achievement of the game to be place on a very solid state in the campaign to be added on Steam. This is it guys, this is what we want when we read about their plan in starting a campaign to be available on Steam. Most of you might agree with me that we want to play CABAL Online using our Steam account. Also, we’re waiting for the different achievements that the game will offer us once the game has been given greenlit.

That is why we should help or support their campaign by spreading the word, tell your friends that have played the game, to other people that you know that will enjoys or likes to play an MMORPG with you. We need to increase the support by voting yes to CABAL Online on Steam Greenlight. We cannot falter here, we are already in the home stretch and this the year that CABAL Online will be available on Steam!

If you want to open up some discussions, inquiries or simply chit-chat regarding the game. Please leave a comment below.


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