[CABAL] More ways to show your support!



Hey guys, it’s been while since I posted here. Been busy with work and the normal stuff. But I’ve been monitoring the progress of CABAL Online on it’s Steam Greenlight campaign and was amaze that on the comment portion, you can see the support from the Brazilian players which is a good sign for the campaign. Seeing that they are commenting positive feedbacks about the game and how they want the game to be available on Steam is a food for the eye.

I was back reading some notices on the CABAL Online official website and notice an announcement on how can you improve supporting the game on its Steam Greenlight campaign. Did you guys know that adding it as favorite, following, and sharing the game will provide extra support for the game’s campaign? Especially, sharing since you notify all your steam friends about the game and let those who might get interested checking out the game. Also, in following the game you will get notifications on what’s current status of the game on Steam Greenlight.

In addition, participating in the Discussions that have been created by different players can also give an impact. Sharing information to those who wants to know more about the game via player’s insights. Also, the most important of them all is the Comment portion, leaving a comment after voting can give a better impression of the game. Like, why did you voted Yes to the game or why do you want the game to be available on Steam.

So, what are you waiting for? If ever you haven’t done any of these after you have voted, I suggest you do it now to increase your support on CABAL Online’s Steam Greenlight campaing.

If you have any inquiries or just looking for start some discussions about CABAL Online, please leave a comment below.


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