[CABAL] The campaign was a success!

It is now official, CABAL Online will be available on Steam. The announcement was made last October 2, 2013 when Steam gave greenlit to 32 Game Titles on October 2nd Batch of Greenlight Titles.

It really was a great success to all of us who have supported the game from the start of the campaign until the end. From voting Yes, adding it as favorite, sharing and following its Greenlight page. We showed ESTsoft and Steam that we want this game to be available on Steam.

Now, we’re just going to wait for further announcement regarding on what will be the future plans once the game go live on Steam. By the way, for those who have an account on CABAL Online NA-Global server they will be having a month-long server boost which will start after the next server maintenance. This will be a good time to start if ever you are a new player, also this will benefit those ex-CABAL players who still have their accounts to come back and enjoy playing the game again.

We will continue in supporting the game and wait for the upcoming updates which will give more better gameplay to all of us. What are your thoughts on the future of CABAL Online? Let’s discuss about it by leaving a comment below.



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