[CABAL] Payback Time: Server Boost has commenced

As promised, they have activated the Server Boost a day after their maintenance. As I can see everyone’s busy looking for parties, new players roaming around and dashing their way to reach a certain NPC to finish their quests. Many where asking for answers to their inquiries. It’s currently a busy day in CABAL Online.

Cabal(131011-0050-Ver360-0000)“Look at that nice Bike”

Many of the players that I have talked to were ex-CABAL players that had to come back because they miss playing the game and found out about the recent success of CABAL in receiving greenlit on Steam Greenlight. They have high hopes that more changes will be implemented on the game for a better gameplay and balance. I was informing them that were changes that happened last Episode 9 which the goal is to balance the different class and add more competition.

While roaming around I found a group of newbies hunting down some zombies and had a few chats with them. They told me that they tried to play the game because of its flash skill effects. I asked if that’s all reason why they tried the game, they replied by stating that they want to try out the combo which they heard it was innovative. I explained to them when can they achieve such skill and acknowledge my tip and bid farewell since they’re enjoying the boost,

Did you realize something while reading the above paragraph? CABAL has really made a mark for itself for being an MMORPG with flashy skill effects and an innovative combo system. At least some recognizes the game once you open up a discussion using those traits of the game.

Cabal(131011-0049-Ver360-0000)And so as I was writing this article, currently on AFK mode. Thanks to the party system where you can still receive some XP even though your far away from your party members. Let’s continue having fun playing the game and create a better community for CABAL Online.

What are you currently doing inside the game? Please leave a comment below and let’s discuss.


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