[CABAL] Halloween Event Details


CABAL Online has announced their Halloween event treat for all of us. In addition to their month-long server boost they will be providing us with two more events that we will sure benefit from. Below are the events:

Pumpkin Mayhem

CABAL Lanterns have gathered their army of Jack-o’Lanterns and have taken over Nevareth. Every map has been infested with Jack minions and a CABAL Lantern. Keep Nevareth pumpkin free and be rewarded with various items!

[Event Period]
October 17th – November 13th

[How to Participate]
Step 1: Search and destroy Pumpkins
Step 2: Loot the items they drop

Drops can vary depending on map and all items will be account binding.
The official drop list will be released with the official event page.

Level Rewards

For all of you trying to reach that next level, we will be running a Level Rewards event! This event will give you rewards for leveling up a certain amount of levels based on your current level. There will also be a reward for all you 190s out there based on AP gain. Take advantages of all the incentives and go grind!

[Event Period]
October 17th – November 13th

[How to Participate]
Step 1: Visit NPC Girl Yul for details on goal requirements and rewards
Step 2: Achieve the goal requirements
Step 3: Obtain rewards from NPC Girl Yul

– Make sure to obtain your reward after achieving the goal.
– You can collect a total of 8 rewards.
– Goals are repeatable.
– If you are attempting to repeat a goal, you must receive the first set of rewards before repeating.
– All items are account binding.
– All rewards with both Fighter and Sage, you must select just one of them in order to obtain all of the other items.

You can view all of the level rages, goals, and rewards from Event Girl Yul.

The Level Rewards will surely be a help to those who are new to the game because they can reach certain levels fast due to the server boost that has been implemented. I can’t wait to locate Jack-o’Latern and defeat him for some loots.

Did you have other events that wish to be implemented inside the game? What are they? let’s discuss about it, leave a comment below.

Source: Pumpkin Mayhem & Level Rewards


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