[CABAL Online] Tips for Starters

Good day gamers, it’s another great day to write something about CABAL Online. But what I’m going to tackle right are for the benefit of our new friends that have recently started playing the game. I saw a bunch of new players roaming around the other day and was also answering some of their inquiries about the game. That’s why I decided to write down some tips that a newbie or new player needs to observe or do when they enter the world of CABAL Online.


which means increasing your characters level to develop most of its attributes according to your liking. My advice is always choose the “auto-stat” button. Why? Because your level will be increasing fast at lower levels due to completing your main and side quests. Decide your own build once the auto-stat has stopped functioning, if I’m not mistaken that will be around level 80.


This are very important since you can get resources from by completing specific quests that are available on your level. Resources meaning Alz which is the in-game currency. These also lessen the grind that you need in order to achieve a new level. So, do all the available quests in your list as much as possible.


I already mentioned above regarding Alz, monsters don’t drop that much Alz maybe it can support in buying your potions but for gears (weapons, armors, etc.) you need a little more. So, what I would like to advice is to don’t spend the Alz that you received during low levels, save it up until level 75 or 80 if you can use it to buy your potions nothing else. Why? Because there are free gears available inside the game that were being dropped by certain monsters. I have created articles regarding those monsters here:

Bloody Ice Mini-Bosses and Drops
Desert Scream Mini-Bosses and Drops
Green Despair Mini-Bosses and Drops
Port Lux Mini-Bosses and Drops

Locate these monsters and obtain free useful gears and save your Alz for a more decent gears at mid level.


Players can’t survive in this world without using such powers in order to defeat their foes. It is not required to max out the level of your skills immediately as they cost a lot since each level is worth something. You can start by increasing the skills you like at level 3 at most if you think they need to be provide more damage in order to defeat monsters immediately. Remember, do not buy all the available skills, buy only those that are relevant in your journey. You can always test them out since you can unlearn them but it will cost you. Also, if you want to increase your skill level I suggest doing it with the Dummy just outside the starting newbie maps wear some gears that are named “Skilled” for a boost whenever you hit the Dummy, this may also be done on monsters.

I think that will be all, you will learn or experience other information or feature of the game as you explore the world of CABAL Online. Don’t forget they are currently having a server boost which will help alot together with the Halloween events which will reward you with some useful consumables and items that may help you in progressing inside the game.

Did my tip helped you in any way? Please leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “[CABAL Online] Tips for Starters

  1. Seems that I`m posting the first comment after a long time…

    Just wanted to thank you for the Mini-Bosses guide, it helped me a lot in the beginning.

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