[CABAL] How to use Agent Shop Part 1

Hi everyone, I’m back with some useful information about CABAL Online. I’m here to share a guide on how can you buy or sell your high grade items inside the game.

Ever use the Agent Shop? It’s like an auction house on some other games, it is only located on Bloody Ice. Inside the town you will see a guy standing in the middle of a stage. You won’t miss him since he’s the only NPC who’s on an elevated platform in the middle. (lol) When you click him you will see this window shown below:

I will give you an example on how to use this feature. First let’s select an Item Type, as you can see on the image I chose the Weapon type and select Orb as the item I want to search.

Cabal(131105-2335-Ver360-0000)On the upper portion of the window there are drop down boxes indicated by Type, Grade, Epic and Price Line up. This boxes will provide a more in-depth search of what kind of Orb as for the example are we looking for.

Cabal(131105-2336-Ver360-0000)I have chosen Latis as my Orb type and now let’s have grade. Grade is the “+” of the item you can set it from +0 up to +15 depends on what you’re looking or All which will list down all the Orb Latis type item.

Cabal(131105-2336-Ver360-0001)I have chosen All as my Grade. Now, we have Lapis as our type and we got All on our Grade. Let’s go to Epic, the list will show the attributes that we want the item to have that we’re looking for.

Cabal(131105-2336-Ver360-0002)I chose Deathblow/Fatal which is Critical Rate. So now we are looking for a Lapis Orb type, any grade with Deathblow/Fatal attributes. Just click the Search button and the list of weapons that we are looking for will appear shown on the image below, All the information needed is list down there and you will just need to click the Purchase button if you want to buy the item. You can also check who’s the seller of the item by hovering your pointer on the item.

Cabal(131105-2337-Ver360-0000)You can also have save some of your Favorites, like if you are waiting for a certain item to appear or if you don’t want to always specify the item that you’re looking for. You can always use this feature, how? See the star icon on the bottom of the window? Just click it to save and add your search as your favorite. Note: Search first before saving.

Cabal(131105-2340-Ver360-0000)Now, we’re done on how to alternatively buy items from other players. Next time, I’ll be adding on how to sell your own items to others and how to manage which are items that you need to sell.

If you still haven’t read it, CABAL Online has been greenlit on Steam Greenlight and will be available on Steam soon. Also, if you want to discuss anything about this article, please leave a comment below. Thanks!


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