[CABAL] How to use Agent Shop Part 2

I’m back with the Part 2 on How to use Agent Shop. This time I will guide you on how to sell items using this feature.

As you can see on the image below beside the Item Purchase tab is the Register tab. Click it to start selling your items.


To register an item, drag your desire item on the Register box, just like what I did with my headgear, insert the amount of alz which will determine how much you want your selling item to be bought and then click Registration. Notice that you’re item will be posted for a limited time which 7 days after that it will expire and will no longer be searchable using the Agent Shop.


Confirm the price and double check it carefully before clicking the confirmation button. There’s a Sales fee which is also computed and will be presented on the window the will pop-up.


There you go, your item is now registered in the Agent shop and players who will search for such item, your item will appear automatically.


Wondering how to cancel or change the items that you have registered? That’s simple just click the Change button. A new window will pop-up that will grant you an access to change the amount that your item’s worth.


To cancel your registered item, on the changing of the item’s amount click Cancel and another window will pop-up asking if you want to cancel your item’s registration. Just click Confirmation button to remove it.

Cabal(131106-0012-Ver360-0004)Well, there you have it. I hope that these information will help you progress inside the game. Did my guide helped? Please leave a comment below.


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