[CABAL] Need More Skill EXP?

Hello CABAL Online players, I have a question for you, have you ever wonder what are the objective of players when you see them hitting those dummy figures outside Bloody Ice, Desert Scream and Green Despair? Let me tell you these, some are trying out their new skills, others are practising their skill timing for a combo and the most common off all they gather skill exp.


CABAL Online has a different approach in terms of upgrading one’s skill level, you need to obtain skill points and how are you going to get those points by obtaining skill exp. Yes SKILL EXP! How? Well simply by just hitting the Dummy figure outside the initial towns for each class but how to obtain skill exp much faster will be my primary goal for this article. Some players just grind their skill exp on the Dummy by just hitting it, but what I do is enhance my gears to obtain extra skill exp, how? Simple as changing my gears.

GEARS (Including Accessories)

I usually buy Aramid or Shadowsteel armors and weapons WITH Adept/Skilled attributes on it. Why? Because it raises the amount of skill exp you get when you start hitting those dummies using your skills. You can either get an Adept or Skilled set but my advice or rather I would recommend getting an Adept set if able. Why? Because you can put those in your storage unlike Skilled which is a character bound item, it will stay in your inventory and clog it. However, Skilled set gives more skill exp than an Adept set. Here’s a break down:

Adept (Green) – has +1 upto +3 Skill EXP per skill (I recommend having a +3 on all gears, if you choose this set)

Skilled (Pink or Violet) – has +4 Skill EXP per skill (I think that’s the max a weapon or item can obtain except for accessories)

So, it will be up to you on which of these sets you’ll get. Where to find them? Some are monster drops but the fastest way to find them is in the Agent Shop, don’t know how to use an Agent shop? Here Part 1 and Part 2.


Obtaining skill exp on dummies requires you to use your character’s skills. Best and Fastest way to do this is to pick a skill that has a shorter cooldown and casting time. You only need two as it will automatically rotate if ever your auto-attack is on. I recommend the Arrows under Novice skills just pick the two skills with lesser cooldown and casting time and your off to obtain skill exp. Skill exp grinders usually go AFK, so I suggest do this if ever you don’t have anything important to do inside the game or if ever your’e waiting for the Mission War.

Well, there you have it. I hope this article explains or gave as much information to explain how to obtain more skill exp. Remember, CABAL Online will be available on Steam soon!



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