[CABAL] Looking for a Party?

Good Day everyone, how was your day? I haven’t been online that much in CABAL Online, as my friends are currently busy at the moment. I am also is quite busy but I can still find some time to check on the items that I’m currently selling in the Agent Shop and do some dungeon runs with other players.

Speaking of dungeon runs, have you ever tried having a party while doing some runs. I know some of you likes to play solo at first especially new ones since they want to explore the game first before mingling with others. Well, I must say CABAL Online has a party system in case you haven’t explored that part yet. You can create a party by inviting those players roaming around you but did you know that you can post your party invite and let others join on it?

CABAL Online party invitation system is like a bulletin board where you can post your request for party members that wants to join you entering some dungeons. I’ll explain to you how can you do this:

First, the normal party invitation. Inviting those that are near you, in CABAL Online we mostly use the skill toolbar more often. First locate the Party Invitation icon, where it is located under the Special skill tab and look for the image shown below. To open the skill window press the letter “K” by default.

PARTY!!Drag this icon on your skill tool bar then select a player close to you then press the corresponding keys to activate the party invite. You will just need to wait for the player’s approval.

Second, would be posting on the Party Invitation window for all players that are connected on your server will have a chance to take a look at it and if ever they want to have a party with you they can just send the party invitations for you to accept. Press “P” to open the said window.

Cabal(131114-2212-Ver360-0000)To register a Party, click Party Registration button below then a new window will appear as seen below.

Cabal(131114-2212-Ver360-0001)Just created the name or message or the goal why are you creating a party and choose how many members lowest is 2 and maximum is 8. Just click Register and wait for party invites that you need to approve from the active players. Remember to check the Channel that you’re in because any player can request a party to you.

Well that’s about it, I hope I have given you some helpful information to organize a party inside the game. Keep entering those dungeons with others and those others will increase once CABAL Online has been available on Steam which coming very soon.


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