[CABAL] Item Options Adding


Hey guys or should I say heroes of Nevareth, how was your week during the Thanksgiving bonus event on CABAL Online? Has your character(s) managed to gain enough levels with the help of the event?

Anyway, I got here a guide that our new players or some of us kept on skipping while playing CABAL Online (well, some of us) mainly because they don’t know how to do it or simply doesn’t want to do this process. Either way, I would like to share how can a player add options to their slotted gears.

First, talk to any Core Alchemist in a town to start this process. Once, you have talked to any of them. Click “Upgrade”.


Then on the next window, click “Item Options Adding”. This is where you will have the chance to insert an option on your slotted gear.


Then, the Grant Item Option window will appear, here you will put all the needed or required gears or items to add option to your gears.


In my example, I have chosen my Shadowsteel Armored Boots which has 2-slots, indicated in the below image with the yellow box. Things you need for this process are:

1. Gear with slot(s)

2. Force Core (Low, Medium or High) depending on the grade of the gear. This item helps increase the success rate when granting option.

3. Weapon/Armor/Bike Scroll Option (Low, Medium or High) again depending on the gear that you want to have an option.


If you have all the required items for the process, you may proceed. Drag the gear on the item slot, click the “Equip in max” button to automatically equip all the cores that you have in your inventory having a maximum of 10. This will increase the Success Chance in granting the option that you want your gear to have.


Next, drag the scroll option in this example I chose Armor Scroll Option (Low) with Defense on it.Cabal(131201-1944-Ver360-0000)

Once, you are ready. Click the Grant Option button and wait for the results. It will be like a lottery sequence where you will have a chance to succeed or fail. Once you succeed the option will be available on your gear.Cabal(131201-1944-Ver360-0001)

Here’s the result of our trial. Where my Shadowsteel Armor Boots have been granted an option of Defense + 10.Cabal(131201-1944-Ver360-0002)Well, that’s about it CABAL Online players. I hope this guide will be useful if ever you want to add some options in your gears in the future. Still have questions regarding the game? I might have the answer to that. Please leave a comment below.



One thought on “[CABAL] Item Options Adding

  1. Would like to know where you can obtain these scrolls, of different levels. The process of upgrading in itself isn’t too complicated… the problem for me is figuring out how/where you get the scrolls, you should add a section on this. If it’s a dropped item you could mention good farming spots etc, other than that I just wanted to thank u for taking the time to make these guides. Your miniboss-guide with the maps was very helpful and detailed.

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