Neocyon soft launches ‘Era of Heroes’


News Release

Date: Wed, 16th March, 2016

Supporting device: IOS / Android  Launching date: Mar 16th, 2016 (Wed) soft launching

Neocyon soft launches new mobile game ‘Era of Heroes’ on Wed, 16th March.

‘EOH’ is a combo action RPG game which combines nurturing, collecting, growing system and puzzle with battle elements

Clear Stages from 1 to 10 and receive 6 Star Hero summon ticket of the highest grade with 100% chance

Clear Stages from 1 to 10 with 3 Stars and post a screenshot of it and/or post your deck on our official fan page! The winners will be randomly selected for special prizes.

Neocyon, specialized in mobile contents (CEO: Yoshinori Kitamura,, and Gravity (CEO: Hyunchul Park, announced soft launching of a new mobile game entitled ‘Era of Heroes’ (hereinafter, EOH) today (16th Mar).

The mobile game, EOH, soft launched by Neocyon, uses intuitive and unique controls. It induces to build up continuous combos with 5 different types of properties. Users can collect a total of 400 characters of 1~6 Star. Upgrade is a basic element, skill combination of various heroes can be done to build own unique decks and promotes maximizing user tactics. Dynamic battle area is available through Arena mode (PvP) battling against real users.

‘EOH’ has prepared a variety of events to celebrate its soft launching. Receive 6 Star Hero Summon ticket by clearing Stages from 1 to 10. Furthermore, based on the Arena ranking, 5 Star Hero will be offered.

If Stages 1 to 10 are all cleared with 3 stars, you can take a screenshot of it and post on the Facebook fan page. A screenshot of your deck can also be submitted. The winners will be randomly selected for a special prize. Additionally, sharing posts of Facebook and/or leaving review on Google Play store will be offered with amazing rewards.

Younghyun Lim, the Head of Mobile Division at Neocyon, says “EOH is unlike common RPG games. It has a characteristic that the battle should go on by matching the recipe and building up multi combos. Also it provides auto play mode for users’ convenience. We’ll do our best not to cause any inconvenience for local gamers in Philippines.”

More detailed information on the soft launching of ‘EOH’ and launching events are available on the official Facebook fan page ( <The End>


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