Knocking off your nightly gaming horror

The clock ticks.


Mom switches the room’s light off. Then the darkness slowly invades. Your nightmare starts.

Well for you nocturnal, it seems that another night is becoming a horrible scene. At least not for anything else but your nightly gaming escapade and because you don’t feel it like be played on your four inch, you off to use the 12 one. But your keyboard isn’t something to suffice your desire, and its lack of features just wishes you a happy sleeping.

However, it happens that the manufacturer feels that situation too; the RAKK gaming keyboard is created to light up your nightly beast. If mom insists to let the lights go down, this time you won’t have to worry if you would hit or not the right key as long as the light is shining at the back.

Rakk - 01

RAKK Keyboard rocks your night in blue, green and red back-light color.

This, as built with tactile touch technology, provides better and comfortable fitting to your finger palms making your touch accurate at 90% in every press. While in game auto-mode, your entire palm can take rest and use the idle time for strategizing your next move.

But perks do not stop here. Its drainage holes design is located cleverly for any anticipated spill-over such as water, food crumbs or anything that’s with you during the night while playing.

Being a pocket-friendly gaming keyboard, it is sold at price your wallet can afford to buy for two or three. I certainly believe your friend would love to receive one.

But why play using your 12 if you can do it on your 4 or 5 inches screens? The answer is your 12 is larger and has better energy capacity that won’t discharge quickly unlike your for palm devices.

Well what’s more fun than playing your favorite mobile games at the convenience of seeing them bigger and wider at your bedside. Anyway, your windows or Mac can do it with installed BlueStacks, an application player designed to run your smartphone-based favorite games.

I’ve tried it already. Yes it takes most of my night just playing because it feels so convenient and awesome to play with my clans in Clash of Clans, as well as the Majestar Casino that gives me the Vegas feel and the ever adorable Gramfantasia. Not to mention Downtown Showdown that is now becoming another addiction.


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