[Sneak Peek] Downtown Showdown

If you haven’t played it yet, it’s your must-read

Hello everyone, did by any chance I tell you how much I love to play games? Even a this old now,  with this one it’s like a travel back in time and I’ve been fast becoming fond and crazily amused with this mobile game I newly play on my android smartphone. Whether you’ll like it or not, I am going to share you a bit about it. Well, you might not be so much familiar with this one but I am pretty sure you are now heading on to the PlayStore to check on it to catch me up as you read. I know what that excitement  means and does to you since after I walked you through to Era of Heroes I made the last time we met in March.

Essentially, nothing is new among most popular simulation games out in the market today. Name it and I can tell my basis how cookie-cutter they are with the others. But what would make you interested to try this out is the concept, which for me, is the most important among mobile game elements that makes it superb cool and awesome.

Have you ever try out Clash of Clans, or SimCity before?

If you did so, perhaps, you might like it too. Downtown Showdown is the newest offering from COLOPL NI after the success of Rune Story and Super City Smash.

DTSD - dtds - 01.jpg

Are you ready to rumble?

Here, the basic thing you should first goal for is to strategically build your city. You can employ your artistic perspectives  or pegging it to Downtown New York, or Washington and make it glorified amid the obstructions along the away against unexpected attack from opportunistic outliers. But making your city the first time is quite dissatisfying, ugly and may need you to rethink carefully where to situate which.

As a first timer, it’s best that you learn first the simple mechanics of BUILD, ATTACK and WIN keys of this game. Until now, I am not even halfway to it but I’ve learn much already.

Building a city really take longer time and patience. Building structures have their own specific time of completion, some are short while as you upgrade it lengthens. For me, it took 17 days or nearly 3 weeks to reach my current level. But what’s good and likable is that there are a hundred of free buildings to choose from and build depending on your style and interest. From putting your main headquarters to creating your residential structures to earning coins from commercial edifices and a whole lot more of possible structures designed for your city convenience.

Once you are happy with its over-all look and have collected generous amounts of coins and prepared attackers and strategy plan you can finally head on to travel around to search for your very first battle. Don’t forget to always bring your Extortionist and Dealer to destroy or vandalize enemy city’s main structures as well as to steal bigger resources and gain star medals. Just a bit of advice, you may need to really plan it carefully so that your attackers and specialists are located tactically while avoiding cops and fire-fighters.

Aside from doing an attack, you can battle other real-time players by entering the showdown. In this match two cities share one map where one needs to win out other city by building structures on-the-spot under a small given amount of time like for 5 minutes or 10 minutes while in the race for population count, coins, land area covered, flags purchased, and base buyout. One with the biggest point champions the showdown and breakdown of acquired resources and rewards are shown.

DTSD - dtds - 10.PNG

DTSD has variety of showdown mode to pick from.

This provides players an avenue to showcase their building skills. But there’s more, it is neither just about battling the weakest nor challenging the strongest. What so important nowadays among online players is the part where they can socialize and be friends with their online playmates or gain attachment. It is even surprising that recently I heard of someone who becomes a couple just because they play the same game and found out that they are really in love and still playing the game for it is where the love built.

DTSD - dtds - 11

More friend in Facebook coming in!

Sooner or later, I’ll give you guys deeper insight about this game. This is just an overview so wait for tips and tricks.


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