The women of rebellion

Women at the height of their struggles to achieve world prestige

I know it would be my first time to place a female-oriented content here on my blog. A big side-track to my previous articles. But I just feel I need to, not to ever mind how awkward it might be, but for the sake of, just so you know everything now is shifting to the other side and the only thing left that are not following the trend are us males. From the clothing styles and selection of its colors to the latest hairstyle and gadget designs – almost if not all, female preferences is slowly dominating a small portion of our daily world routine by embedding their tastes.

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Well, I love playing games since childhood as much as I admire women, especially my mom and those who are empowered and invigorated by their dreams to succeed in their endeavors. More than that, I believe males can never ever replace females.

In the contemporary society we are now, women are largely mirrored in movies and television as well as in government positions. If we will review last year’s Forbes most powerful women, it won’t take you a second to remember that a female chancellor from Germany topped the prestigious list. She was Angela Merkel. The longest-serving European Union (EU) head of state. She used her power to battle against ISIS and to break the post-Nazi era taboo. Her dedication to include peace in her roster list of program for global welfare is an applause-deserving move.

Coming close to her in the ranking was Hillary Clinton, who might be preparing to give her a run for her title. But I guess it’s too early to tell while 2016 is just starting to heat up and create its legacy.

Meanwhile, other woman you might not hear of is the real-life Melanie Elizabeth Brownds also known Rebel Wilson in Hollywood. Stand-up comedian and an actress whose fame largely sprouted out of musical films like Pitch Perfect, but her career first twinkled in the SBS comedy series Fat Pizza as Toula. Her outrageous but fun portrayal of her roles made her the masses’ idol.

rebel wilson - 01

Rebel Wilson poses wacky for a magazine cover

But just an hour ago today, internet was quickly entered by the virus of these gleeful and lovely Rebel Wilson and film co-star Adam DeVine in their much anticipated acceptance of Best Kiss trophy at the MTV Movie Awards. It’s actually not much of an award but a decent one though. News came out like a thunder, roaring and fast. A woman like her is just placed at the center of commodification. Wilson and DeVine got the internet worms shocked by the news that they literally had  made out on-stage after receiving the award by reenacting their kinky smooch from their film scene.

While the music world is  trying to keep up with beat and regrow the state of the industry, Adele just got everyone in the town talking about her. From the songs of 18, 21 and 25 she continues to capture age diversities with her performances of soul music by singing tuned to the style that has long been gone out of our daily streaming. Her dramatic ballads and enticingly pitch perfect melody which almost always accompanied with dark themes of abandoned love resounded by a beautifully arranged piano overlay is  reminiscent of our papas’ and mamas’ 80s eargasm.

adele - 01

Adele sings All I Ask at Ellen Degeneres Show

But it’s not just in music, politics, or movies women excel at-large. Even in the booming mobile gaming industry, for instance, if you’re not familiar with Downtown Showdown, a build your city, attack other cities and win matches design motif where you can bag golds and loot resources like in clash of clans. In the game tutorial, the guiders are female characters caught amid the warfare between two warmonger factions – Bill Banks and Zach Gold. Both company use Penny Banks and Lucy Gold respectively to teach tutorials or give some healthy directions to get the way out of difficulty.

dtsd - 01

Lucy and Penny. Rumor has it they are respective spouses of Bill and Zach.

So males what do you think of this females’ recent curve?


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