The infamous fight

pac - 01

Pacquiao and Bradley during the boxing conference.

The hyped wasn’t that much. Only a few Hollywood celebrities came too. So what weird thing is going on!? While nothing new about Pacquiao VS. Bradley 3 is convincing that it is indeed a match worth of likes. Of course the expected winner went to the Pinoy pride who dares that it would be his last fight in his boxing career.

News and rumors were actually making round in the online portals that it was his last. But how sure are they that he does not gonna put up a fight again nor Bradley would request for another re-match which sounds like an unfinished business.

At the end Pacquiao won unanimously from all-three judges and that is the decision. If you miss it then you can watch the replay here via YouTube site.

And yes in boxing you’ll never win a fight if you don’t train yourself. As it demands building your strength endurance and stamina. Working out on the speed is also important to achieve power.

According to, in the first three weeks of the training, these are the simple guide that aspiring boxers should observe. Take a look at it and try to abide to it as much as possible.

Weeks One, Two and Three

  1. Maximize muscle mass.
  2. Minimize fat accumulation during hypertrophy phase.
  3. Improve general strength and fitness foundation, including moderate aerobic threshold intensity training.
  4. Begin training to increase anaerobic threshold.
  5. Introduce light plyometrics.

Well the obvious secret to achieving optimum muscular endurance relies on discipline of the trainee in following all the programs set by the boxing coach.

According to my boxer-friend, the primary parts that should be trained are legs, hips, back, shoulder, arms, chest and small muscles of the body. Working out on these part is best

This is somehow similar to strategy games. Especially if you need to attack someone like in Clash of Clans and Downtown Showdown. Before you can be ably launch a successful attack you need to scheme attack plan, as well as build your armed force that will eventually use to battle and obliterate opponent’s base.

Alright! I think we are good enough there. Maybe I’ll be writing more about boxing in my future articles so stay tuned with this blog for the latest.


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