Hello! I am back after a few days.

If I know it right, you might have already tried the game Downtown Showdown. I could sense it. Lol! But really, did you take some time to give it a shot? Well I hope so. But if not, let me tease you again on this amazing game.

If you still remember, just days ago, I wrote a simple preview about it. This time will be different and we’ll try to identify each icon in the game user interface. So kindly look at this screenie for a special discussion. Please forgive me that all these are based on my play experience only and nothing here is official from the publisher. If you think you got the appropriate terms over there, please write me a feedback I would appreciate the help so much.

11. UI.PNG

Downtown Showdown main screen

So here we go!

  1. Account/character level
  2. In game name
  3. Population meter
  4. Shield duration timer + shop
  5. Coins
  6. Star medals
  7. Diamonds
  8. Ranking (All Player, Bill Corp, Zach Gold)
  9. Speeder
  10. City Map
  11. Community (Union, Friends)
  12. Storage (Building, Item, Attackers, Event items)
  13. Quest list
  14. Announcement Board
  15. Settings
  16. Toggle Visibility Icon
  17. Miscellaneous (Social, trading, friends)
  18. Main Shop
  19. Transportation
  20. Battle field/mode

Alright! So there you have it. We now, both learned new things. This will help anyone familiarize more with the UI and be able to successfully guide in growing your city.

This is my newly built city. I wish you play along with me and let’s be the king of our realms. Show me yours now by commenting in the feedback section.


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