Red, hot, chili counter girl

Today I am eating alone at KFC.

I missed bringing food to work for lunch because I was running late to even prepare for one. I even left house 30 minutes before 9 in the morning which I guess would result me to receiving another memo from my boss. But it was like God saved me from hell, I wasn’t late at all.

That is my daily grind since my work is a little too demanding when time is the matter. I love to commute going to office as it’s the only thing I could ever afford with my pocket. I just wait for the train to come up and fetch me, but it is a sickly train, deficient and enraging. My life is threatened when I’m aboard but I’m comfortable with it to feel the life rush.

mrt train - 03.jpg

An MRT train station

At noon, it was KFC’s chicken which I crave at lunch. So I bought one. Personally, it’s the gravy’s smell and authentically unique taste that keeps me coming back to the store. The mashed potato is fine, not to mention the mushroom soup which is on the same lesser degree of delectableness.

So I ordered, 2 pcs spicy chickens with mashed potato and large sprite right at the counter.

I was assisted by a woman in red with conspicuously blonde hair. She’s really gorgeous by way she appeared. Her hair bun in one at the middle that looks cleaned and ironed then greeted me with a sweet smile and soft voice. It’s like heaven surrounded with clouds.

Okay, anything to add more sir? The counter girl responded.

I said that’s all please.

While in the line waiting, playing Downtown Showdown, the girl came back to me just before I fail my patience. I was then about to complete the training of my specialists in the special agency. But. She reappeared bringing spaghetti with shots and a medium-sized coke. To my surprise, I was stunned and my head swirled like I’m gonna set more fire in hell.

specialist - 01.png

Order complete!

I’ve been there in the long line, waiting, yet the served food was wrong. I am starting to think of her like the specialist I just cooked in my game. Lady in red, yet slim with blonde hair whose work is to attack utility and destroy its sources.

A close semblance, that counter girl disrupts my supposed to be happy meal. Happy meal? sounds out-of-place! lol


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